Street Fighter V Screenshots Released Ahead of E3

Street Fighter V - Gamers Heroes

Street Fighter V – Gamers Heroes

Capcom’s Street Fighter V, after months of anticipation, is set to make its playable debut at E3. With just a few days to go, new screenshots have been released showing off its characters and mechanics.

Starring series mainstays Ryu, Chun-Li, M. Bison, and Nash/Charlie, Street Fighter V maintains the solid fighting game mechanics that have defined the series. Not much is known about the title, but these screenshots show what the game looks like in action.

Street Fighter V will come out for the PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016.

  • 20_chunli_vreversal__hud_on_.jpg
  • 19_chunli_punch__hud_on_.jpg
  • 18_nash_critical_art__hud_on_.jpg
  • 17_nash_sweep__hud_on_.jpg
  • 16_bison_jump_kick__hud_on_.jpg
  • 15_bison_punch__hud_on_.jpg
  • 14_ryu_shoryuken__hud_on_.jpg
  • 13_ryu_kick__hud_on_.jpg
  • 12_chunli_critical_art.jpg
  • 11_chunli_fireball.jpg
  • 10_chunli_vtrigger.jpg
  • 09_nash_punch.jpg
  • 08_nash_knee.jpg
  • 07_nash_vtrigger.jpg
  • 06_bison_scissor_kicks.jpg
  • 05_bison_punch.jpg
  • 04_bison_vtrigger.jpg
  • 03_ryu_vtrigger_critical_art.jpg
  • 02_ryu_vtrigger_fireball.jpg
  • 01_ryu_vtrigger.jpg
Source: Press Release