Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Announced

super mario odyssey release date announced
Nintendo said that Super Mario Odyssey would be at E3 2017 in a big way and they didn’t lie. They showed off some new content and blew it out on the treehouse and gave a release date. Check out this article for the new trailer and the Super Mario Odyssey Release Date.

Super Mario Odyssey Release Date

Here is the Super Mario Odyssey E3 trailer.

The trailer starts off showing a dinosaur which I really didn’t expect. That combined with New Donk city means that this game could go anywhere. Different hats, different outfits, and different worlds are also shown off. The most important thing that is shown off is the fact that you can take over certain creatures and objects with your hat. This will undoubtedly be how you get to secret areas in the game.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on October 27th, 2017 on Nintendo Switch.