The Invisible Hand Now Available

Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Power Struggle Games’ satirical, first-person stock market trading simulator The Invisible Hand is now available.

Taking on the role of a mid-level stockbroker, this first person adventure starts your career at the trading firm FERIOS. To prove you’re top dog for the job, you have to prove that profit rules all and the rules don’t apply to winners.

In order to make money for FERIOS, players must buy the stocks going up and sell before they go down in order to get that sweet, sweet commission. Insider trading and manipulation are all at your fingertips as well. To reward you for your efforts, players can also decorate their desk with pictures of lavish things.

Learn more with the announcement trailer below:

The Invisible Hand – Coming May 7 2021

The game is now available for PC via Steam,, and Humble for $12.99. A Deep Pockets Edition, which includes the game and its soundtrack, is also available for $16.99.

Source: Press Release
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