The Medium’s Dual Reality System Detailed

Wondering how the Dual Reality system works in Bloober Team’s upcoming psychological horror title The Medium? Get acquainted with the latest Premonition video from the development team.

Bloober Team Community Team member Michal Napora recently recorded this quick-fire video that takes a deep dive into how The Medium plays. He explains that as a Medium, players have the ability to be in two places at once. Most of the game will be in one reality, but select moments have Marianne exploring both realities at the same time in one screen.

Depending on the context or the situation, one reality will take up more of the screen than the other. Both avatars are controlled using the left analog stick, but some of her actions only work in one reality. Despite this, your actions in one world have the power to influence the other.

Learn more with the short featurette below:

The Medium – How our Dual Reality system works

In addition to this Dual Reality system, The Medium will also highlight Marianne’s psychic abilities. These abilities can be used against hostile forces, and can be recharged by interacting with energy spots called “Spirit Wells.”

The game will come out on December 10, 2020 for the Xbox Series S/X and PC.

Source: Press Release