Tom Clancy’s The Division Prepares For Last Stand Release & Free Trial

Tom Clancys The Division Last Stand
Ubisoft announced today that the third expansion for the critically acclaimed Tom Clancy’s The Division, titled Last Stand, will be available to download beginning tomorrow alongside the release of Update 1.6 and a new free trial for the game. The Last Stand expansion will be released simultaneously across all platforms including Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with Update 1.6 also being released at the same time.

The free trial event, which begins tomorrow, will offer new players the opportunity to sample The Division on all platforms, for free. Players utilizing the free trial opportunity will be limited to either six hours of playtime or content up to and including level 8. Should players choose to purchase the full game any progress made during the free trial will be transferred over to the active account.

Update 1.6, which will be available to download for free, provides new content including an expanded Dark Zone area with three new zones to explore, new Contamination events, new exotic weapons and the highly anticipated Legendary Mode.

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