Total War: Warhammer II The Silence & The Fury Coming July 14

Creative Assembly and SEGA Europe announced today that the final Total War: Warhammer II Lords Pack, The Silence & The Fury, will launch on July 14, 2021.

This downloadable content has Taurox of the Beastmen taking on Oxyotl of the Lizardmen in a battle that will determine the fate of the New World.

New Beastmen Units include the Doombull Lord, Wargor Hero, Tuskgor Chariot, Ghorgon, and Jabberslythe. Meanwhile, the new Regiments of Renown include the Groghooves of Wolf’s Run, the Vorbergland Broodmother, and the Bloodbrute Behemoth. New characters, units, unique gameplay mechanics, and narrative objectives have all been included.

Also included is a brand-new Legendary Lord for the Dwarfs, an additional Hero for the Beastmen, and brutish mercenaries that are recruitable in-game.
Learn more with the trailer below:

The Silence And The Fury Announce Trailer | Total War: WARHAMMER II

You can find the game on Steam here, which currently has a 10% discount.

Source: Press Release
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