Trials Of Craglorn Announced For The Elder Scrolls Online

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Zenimax Online Studios and Bethesda today announced the first post-launch content planned for the recent and successful release of The Elder Scrolls Online. The upcoming content release features the debut of the first of many Adventure Zones as Craglorn promises to deliver a challenging experience for groups of 4 and 12 players.

The new content is aimed towards Veteran Rank 10+ players (end-game content) and promises to deliver a myriad of challenging boss battles, instanced dungeons and exciting rewards. The real gem of Craglorn is the debut of the Trials feature. This unique 12 man content aims to deliver the greatest PvE challenge in the game thus far. Epic boss encounters are accompanied by a growing storyline and a number of elements deployed specifically to increase difficulty.

Among these unique elements is a time limit feature that sees groups of 12 competing against other parties across the server for their right to claim their place on the leaderboard. Those with the skill, courage and organization to beat the Trials within the time limit stand a chance at claiming the coveted first rank and the rewards that come with it. Check out the trailer below for more information:

If you’d rather just watch the gameplay elements of the video MMOAttack have the perfect solution:

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