Ubisoft Opt To Delay The Crew Release For Further Testing

The Crew
Ubisoft today announced that they have decided to delay the worldwide release of the highly anticipated free-to-play racing game, The Crew, to allow for more extensive testing and fine tuning that would not have been possible under the game previous release date. The Crew was originally expected to launch worldwide on November 11th but following today’s announcement of a release date delay, it will now be available on December 2nd.

The delay will allow Ubisoft to host another closed beta testing window for console players, offering additional opportunities to experience the game and provide crucial feedback to help make improvements before release.

Creative Director at Ubisoft, Julian Gerighty, provided the following statement:

“Our philosophy remains to deliver the best game possible. We’re all committed to delivering a revolutionary experience in the driving genre and we can’t wait for The Crew to be in the hands of the players.”

The expansive freeroam world of The Crew will once again be made available to console players when the second closed beta launches on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 some time in November.

Source: Press Release