Want To Help Make A Game?

Megeman legends 3 logo


Well for those of you who have been keeping up with the 3DS you should know by now that Mega man 3 Legends is coming to the system. A little odd being as the first two Mega man Legends were on PlayStation but I’m really amped for the game.

Well the Dev team working on Mega man Legends 3 recently announced they would be taking any and all help on the game via something known as the Dev Room. Obviously they are not going to invite you into the studio and all that, I mean come on there would be way to many people. If you check out this website http://www.capcom-unity.com/devroom you can have you voice heard by the devs. They have all sorts of different contests and ask everyone to join in the discussions and input in someway to make the game better. Who knows if they like your idea they might put you in the credits or something.

So there you have it lets all help make Mega man Legends 3 a better game.