Xbox Series S/X Gets Official Next Gen Walkthrough

As gamers get ready to dive into the Xbox Series S/X on November 10, Microsoft has released a full demo walkthrough of the platform’s experience.

The walkthrough, which can be seen below, puts the spotlight on each console’s new dashboard experience, the new Xbox Wireless Controller, next-gen game optimizations, and storage solutions.

Highlights of the video include how it is faster than ever to get into each title, how games on the next generation of Xbox look better and play better, and how the Xbox app will be able to keep you connected to your console and friends.

Xbox Series X|S – Official Next-Gen Walkthrough – Full Demo [4K]

The development team has stated that the Xbox Series X is their fastest, most powerful console yet. Meanwhile, their Xbox Series S is their smallest console to date. Both consoles will feature Smart Delivery (which provides enhanced versions of Xbox One games), Quick Resume, Dynamic Latency Input (DLI), and other features. Each console will also take advantage of Xbox Game Pass, along with remote cloud gaming on mobile devices through their cloud game-streaming platform xCloud.

Source: Press Release, Xbox Wire