Xbox With Its Own Virtual Reality

xbox augmented reality

The world looks anxiously upon Sony. Rumor has it that they will announce a virtual reality system for the PS4 at the GDC tomorrow. Being in a competitive market economy and all that, Microsoft is allegedly working on an augmented reality device, too.

Several sources told ‘The Wall Street Journal’ that Microsoft is working on its own hardware, “unique to Microsoft’s products”. It’s said that it bears resemblance to ‘Google Glass’, not necessarily in appearance, but in core mechanics. The project with the name ‘Fortaleza’ was originally revealed in 2012.

Contrary to the Oculus Rift, Microsoft’s device will focus on layer-on layer mechanics, thus creating an augmented reality. The Sony headgear, however, is said to copy Oculus Rift mechanics, while enhancing and tuning them.

Virtual reality may or may not be the next big thing in gaming history. Vita’s attempt was still in a very early stage of development. More a gimmick than a large step in innovation. Together with Microsoft’s Kinect it shows that both companies have their issues with implementing the reality into games. If either Sony or Microsoft can really create an ‘augmented reality’ worthy of the name, will be seen.