RUMOR: 20 Super Smash Bros Leaks

Super Smash Bros Leaks - Gamers Heroes

Super Smash Bros Leaks – Gamers Heroes

Nintendo’s fighting/party/crossover extravaganza Super Smash Bros is making its way to the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U later this year, but little to no information is known about this release. These updates may have slowed down to a trickle, but leave it up to the Internet to find some juicy tidbits about new characters, stages, and even items.

WARNING: Don’t believe everything the Internet has to say. Though these Super Smash Bros images look convincing (even the outlandish ones like Toucan Sam), take everything with a heaping helping of salt.

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So what do you think? Do these images hint at what’s next for Super Smash Bros? Let us know in the comments!