Comet Crasher Review
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It’s a race to the bottom in Mika Molenkamp’s new action-puzzler Comet Crasher. Tasking players with endlessly descending, does this little ball put Mr. Driller out of work?

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Comet Crasher Review

It’s a race to the bottom in Mika Molenkamp’s new action-puzzler Comet Crasher. Tasking players with endlessly descending, does this little ball put Mr. Driller out of work?

Comet Crasher Review

Players take control of a spherical creation that can do two things – move and shoot. With twelve shots in its arsenal at any given time, this little guy can endlessly fall down a chasm, blasting away almost anything that stands in its way. Don’t be fooled though – bumpers, sturdy blocks, and life-stealing mines all stand in the way between you and a high score. This basic design takes cues from pick-up-and-play arcade titles, and the short tutorial makes its easy to understand the basics.

As players begin their descent, they can steadily built up momentum as they fall. More speed equals more points, with a multiplier in place for those that are especially speedy. The 12 shots players are armed with go pretty fast, but they can be replenished automatically with its quick cooldown mechanic. A number of temporary power-ups are also available, which give the player multiballs, shields, and even lasers. There can sometimes be an element of randomness to the title with the sheer speed players travel and the ricochet angles players will come across, but it still proves to be a fair experience for the most part.

These different facets offer just enough variety to keep players entertained in the short term. This isn’t a title that players will jump into for hours on end though – our average run was around a couple of minutes, though adept players can keep things going for much longer than that. Though there is a leaderboard, the fact that players will be doing the same thing in the first minute as they will on the 20th means that repetition can set in. Despite this, it’s easily accessible and can just as quickly be picked up for those looking for one more go.

Comet Crasher - Gamers Heroes

Those who succumb to three mines will have their overall run based on their base score, the depth they reached, their air time, and their “powered time.” A global leaderboard is in place, and there are thousands of people currently vying for the top spot right now. We placed in the hundreds, so there is most certainly room for improvement for those looking to be the best Comet Crasher known to man.

A handful of variables can also be thrown into the mix for those looking for them. Those that reach a certain depth can play with some custom rules, and players can also tweak the accent color of their sphere to one of their choosing. It’s not revolutionary, but it is still a welcome addition nonetheless.

Comet Crasher is a simple game with a solid enough pick-up-and-play mechanic. Repetition can quickly set in, but this is one title that knows exactly what it is, for better or worse.

This review of Comet Crasher was done on the PC. The game was freely downloaded.
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