Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Review

Rhythm Thief And The Emperor’s Treasure Review

Rythyn thief Review


Rhythm thief and the Emperor’s treasure is a fun little rhythm game that just came out and you may be iffy about it. This review will make it so you know all the facts you need to know before going in to buy it. Can Rhythm thief keep up with the beat or should you find a new dance partner?

I will break the game down piece by piece and then give an overall score at the bottom.

You will play the game as Raphael who is just a young boy living in France. His father left without a word when he was young and he wants to know why. While he is Raphael he is just a normal lad but when he switches to Phantom R he becomes a great thief and a charmer. Phantom RRight at the start of the game you are tasked with robbing from the Louvre. Your father left you a coin with a symbol on it and one item at the Louvre has an item with the same mark on it. Presuming that by collecting all these items you can find your father Phantom R is on the case. After playing a few mini games and getting passed some guards you end up getting the prize. After this you are introduced to the main enemy Napoleon Bonaparte. Yup it seems after many years he has been revived and is after the same treasures you are.After all that you are introduced to Marie. Marie is much like Raphael because her parents left her as well. Oh and one other important note her violin has the same symbol that Raphael is looking for. She ends up tagging along in hopes of finding out who her own mother is as well. So it becomes Phantom R, Maria and Fondue the dog.It is a fun little story that doesn’t try to take itself to seriously and made me laugh once or twice.


Most of the action in this game comes from mini games. They try to toss new games at you nearly every chapter. They start off easy and get much harder as you go. If you can keep a beat the game will end up being much simpler for you.You have an over world that you can use to search for sounds and people to speak with. You move Raphael to the area you wish to see and then click on an object or person to interact with them. The objects are typically sounds that can create the worlds greatest instrument. The people have a multitude of uses. They give you new mini games(bought at the shop), sounds, tips on where to go next and French/European history lessons.The main part of the game play is the mini games. If you are not exploring you will hit these fast and often as you progress through the story. If you are an explorer expect a few gaps in between them. The games range from dancing and hiding behind statues to jumping from lights in the opera house and fighting robots. They are challenging and fun enough to keep you coming back for more even if you replay the same one a few times. This is also what you will be doing in the multiplayer part of the game.


Mini Games

A big draw to any game is the multiplayer. After you beat the main story you will want something to do you feel like you got your moneys worth. You still get the over world in this mode but this is mostly about the mini games. The way this is done strikes me as a bit odd. You need to street pass with other people and then they will appear in your town. Beat there score on a game and they become your fan. If not they leave. No streetpass? Nobody to play online.You can go head to head with local play but that requires someone else to have the game and be near you. Honestly I just replay games I like in the Rhythm list section.Kind of a bummer there is no head to head over wireless but what can ya do?


This game is very colorful and detailed. The sound is what sells the game though.Nearly every area in the game is bright and colorful. Never once was I like well that looks bland. While I cannot vouch for how correct everything is, they did a great job making the Louvre light up and making Notre Dame stick out. Every panel I was on I took a good look at because they seemed so well done. It is a more cartoony anime style though. If that is not your thing you may not enjoy it as much.Now for the sound. There are so many good beats in this game it amazes me. I find myself humming right along from time to time and even whistling a tune when I am bored at work. They introduce tons of new tracks as you play and never once did I think well that was out of place. Since this is a rhythm game you should know that if you mess up you will ruin the song so try to get your timing right. Do not be surprised if you go back to a game to hear the music again.The voice acting is pretty solid as well. While Raphael has no french accent I still get the feeling he is a charming thief just looking for his father. Marie has a better accent and she sells the hopeful girl looking for her mother thing real well. Those are the main two voices you hear through the game. The other ones are good as well. The inspector who is chasing you constantly does have a french accent and its pretty much spot on.I was very impressed by this part of the game.

Graphics and Sound

While I did enjoy the game there were a couple things I did not enjoy. I do not enjoy tapping all over every screen to find coins and sound cds. I know this was optional but for a guy who likes to find everything this was VERY tedious. It would not of been so bad but there are a ton of areas to do it in.Another thing I noticed in faster games is when you mess up you cannot really recover by the next beat. You have to wait for a gap and get back into your groove. When Napoleon was sending his goons at me I could tap A hit the first one and miss the second one only to hit A on the third one and somehow miss. It only happens on certain games but it is annoying when you lose on round 3.There are a couple other things that some people might complain about but that is all I got.The game overall is a great way to kill time. If you have some extra cash and like this type of game I would absolutely go grab it. It is one of those games you can just grab and play a couple mini games in and carry on with your day. So put another coin in the jukebox because it is time for you to show off your moves!

This review is based on a retail copy of the 3DS version of Rhythm Thief