Super Meat Boy Review
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Super Meat Boy Review

Super Meat Boy Review

Team Meat calls their platformer “Tough as Nails” and I definitely don’t recommend it to people who have a habit of throwing things, especially if you have a nice TV. Super Meat Boy is an entertaining game for those who grew up playing the likes of Contra and Mario, but is also simple to pick up and play by anyone and have a great time while laughing at seeing how many times you died when you complete a level.

Super Meat Boy consists of 3 controls. You use the analog stick to move left and write, A to jump, and the right trigger to run. While it may sound simple the main difficulty is all in the timing. If you jump to soon while running you might run into a needle ridden roof. Another nice added bonus is the way the game flows, if you die you spawn right back without a delay, ready for some more meaty action.

The plot of Super Meat Boy is just like that of Super Mario. A fetus wearing a suit steals your girlfriend Bandage Girl and it is your job to go through the 100 some levels to reach the final battle with Dr. Fetus. There are only 85 levels needed to reach the ‘final’ level but there is so much more that your mind might explode in frustration before you complete them all.

All in all there are about 340 levels in Super Meat Boy. Once you complete a light world with an A+ time you will unlock the dark world portion of that same level. The dark world of a level is basically the same level over again but with the difficulty level cranked up to 11, this includes adding more saw blades and adding other obstacles that make you look at the game with a change of heart.

Super Meat Boy is an amazing throwback to those 80’s platform games we use to play when we were growing up with an addictive twist that will keep you coming back for more even when you think that you’ve had enough.

You can pick up the full game for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) in the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Super Meat Boy review by Jake Stewart

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This review is based on a retail copy of the 360 version of Super Meat Boy