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EA Sports UFC Gets Release Date and Bruce Lee

After E3 last year the new UFC game by EA kind of went dark outside of a few screenshots and the cover vote. Now we have a new fighter that no one expected to see and finally have a release date. Check out the details of the

Sid Meier’s Civilization Beyond Earth Announced

Yesterday, Firaxis Games officially announced their latest installment of the Civ franchise. Four years after the release Civilization V, they are expanding into the last frontier known to man. This isn’t the first time Sid

Epic New Content Announced For Hearthstone At PAX East 2014

We’re not even through the first day of PAX East 2014 and there’s already some incredibly exciting news leaking through the cracks. Earlier today Blizzard announced a huge content update heading to its critically-acclaimed

Ghost Recon Phantoms Invades Steam

Earlier today Ubisoft announced the immediate release of the highly anticipated Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms on Steam and Windows PC. Formerly known as Ghost Recon Online, Ghost Recon Phantoms is the culmination of

New Gameplay Trailer for ‘The Evil Within’

A new gameplay trailer that shows off different aspects of The Evil Within was released just in time for PAX East. The Evil Within is a brand new survival horror game coming from Shinji Mikami and Tango Gameworks. Mikami is

Ubisoft Announces ‘The Crew’ to Launch Sometime in Autumn 2014

The Crewis a new arcade style driving game fused with social aspects. Players control their very own customized car as they drive through the massive open world landscape of the United States. Not only is the map in The Crew

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27% Of UK Parents Would Let Underage Children Play Grand Theft Auto V

According to a recent survey conducted by a parenting website, over 1 in 4 UK parents would let underage children play certificate 18 games such as the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V

Assassin’s Creed Unity Alpha Trailer

Ubisoft, coming off the leaked screenshots of Assassin’s Creed Unity has released a brand new Assassin’s Creed Unity Alpha trailer. The trailer shows the first official next generation of Assassin’s Creed and gives us a

Human Element: New Details to Unique Survival Game

At GDC Crytek and Robotoki announced that Human Element, a previously announced Ouya and mobile platform game, is making a huge switch to the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Oh great, another survival game set in a postapocalyptic

Sam Raimi Directs ‘The Last of Us’ Movie

The man who brought you films like Spider-Man and Oz: The Great and Powerful, will also direct ‘The Last of Us’. This was announced by the game’s Creative Director Neil Druckmann during BAFTA 2014, where the game won five

Hottest Gaming News – Week Ending 4/21/2013

Below you’ll find what we consider to be the very hottest gaming articles of this week. This week includes a brand new Wii U trailer for DEUS EX: Human Revolution, a new title from Capcom and the highly anticipated Batman

E3 2013 DayZ Standalone Quick Peek

Ryan Mcbride of Gamers Heroes had the opportunity to sample the DayZ standalone and E3 2013, pitching a few questions to Matt Lightfoot

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5 Ways Grand Theft Auto IV is Better Than GTA V

Despite all of this, however, we feel like Grand Theft Auto IV did some things better than Grand Theft Auto V. Here are five things that would make Grand Theft Auto V an 11 out of 10 in our books

The 10 Best Skyrim Mods of 2013

Looking to spice up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim? Look no further! With these top 10 Skyrim mods, you can improve upon the graphics, the gameplay, and even the UI. No Dragonborn should go without them! ENB Developed by Boris

The 10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2013

In Minecraft, the sky’s the limit. Mojang offers plenty of new options and features to tinker with each update, but sometimes its blocky playground is missing that certain something. Enter the modding community — below are

5 Reasons Titanfall’s Popularity Won’t Last

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is sweeping both headlines and Xbox Live right now. It may the “it” game right now, but much like the Spice Girls, Justin Bieber, and Furbies, its shelf-life looks to be much shorter than

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy

If there’s one thing more epic than the beloved characters and epic story, it’s the arsenal of weapons that have been introduced over the variety of games. Gamers Heroes takes a look at our top 5 weapons in Final Fantasy

10 Most Dominant League Of Legends ARAM Champions

In League Of Legends there are the good champions then there are the dominant champions. This list has our picks for the most dominant champions in the game mode All Random All Middle. Check out the list to figure out who

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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: The Oldest Orc Guide

During the quest Thwarting the Aldemeri Dominion you will find a lost Orc with a quest you can do. The Orc is locked in a magic prison and you will need to do a puzzle to get him out. This guide will help you beat the quest

The Elder Scrolls Online Tips And Tricks

The Elder Scrolls Online has a few in game tips but they miss a lot of the good stuff. These tips and tricks will help you get the edge in the ESO world. Check out what you might have been missing and figure out what you can

League Of Legends Guide: ARAM Tips And Tricks

ARAM in League of Legends in a completely different beast from the normal 5v5 or 3v3. With a different map and less room to move you will need to play a bit different for the win. These tips and tricks should give you the

Elder Scrolls Online – How To Kill Gutstripper (Mage’s Guild)

A question that appeared throughout beta and one that continues to plague the adventurers of Tamriel, how to kill the Gutstripper in The Elder Scrolls Online? Gutstripper presents quite a challenge for players as it’s one of

The Elder Scrolls Online Vampire Or Werewolf – A Detailed Comparison

If you’re eagerly awaiting the release of the next big Tamriel adventure there’s a good chance you’re already asking the important questions. The Elder Scrolls Online Vampire or Werewolf debate poses a very difficult choice

Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide (Pre-Order Bonus) All Maps, One Page

This Elder Scrolls Online Treasure Maps Guide features a map for every single zone in the game complete with an easily visible marking for your buried treasure. Please note: You cannot find these chests if you did not get

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Cosplay Wednesday – DOTA 2

With DOTA 2 finally out of beta, fans far and wide are finally giving Valve’s heralded MOBA a go. Of course, that does not mean the series does not already have a rabid fanbase. But how does one pick a favorite Hero out of