Suck My Controller Episode 1

E3 2012

Looking over the landscape of the summer we realized that not many games are going to be hitting for the next couple of months. To fill in the void until the holidays we are going to be doing a weekly podcast called Suck my Controller. This week we hit up the Microsoft E3 2012 press conference and some of the games shown.

After that we hop into Smart glass and discuss what we think it can bring to the table and what worries we have about how it may be integrated into video games.

Then we move on to Kinect and the lack of games and of course Usher.

Lastly we hit Resident Evil 6 and Call of Duty Black Ops 2. We talk about how we hope Resident Evil will actually be more survival horror then action adventure. For Call of Duty we talk about the new single player mechanics and a few tweaks we would like to see in the multiplayer.

We expect to have a new podcast out every week, but we are not sure on which day it will be coming out yet. Once we have more details we will let you know. Until then check back next week for a new episode!