Final Fantasy XIII-2 Royal Ripeness Walkthrough

The boss in Sunleth Waterscape-300 AF- Royal Ripeness. He’s a giant ugly orange blob thing with plant like qualities. This boss guide is going to help you get  it quick. Let’s go!


You fight him more then once and this is the first time.

First off for the Final Fantasy 13-2 Royal Ripeness guide will be his abilities, his first move is revitalize and this move heals him. It stays on through the battle and is constantly healing him, the only way to defeat it is to stagger him.

Belch is his second move, he spews a toxic waste that hurts everyone and leaves them poisoned. Use a medic to heal it, or an antidote/ remedy to get it off. If you think you’re strong enough you could just battle through it… Good luck!

His next move is a roar that buffs him and gives him haste, after that he will normally do a lot of auto attacks that hurt everybody.

For the next part of the Final Fantasy 13-2 Royal Ripeness guide is the actual fight, now he is weak to Aero and absorbs fire.

When the fight starts he will belch and very likely poison your entire team, you need to stagger him so I would go -Commando, Ravager, Ravager- Snow will join you on this fight and permanently become a sentential

After the poison he will auto attack while healing constantly,  keep switching between Paradigms to keep the attack alive. If you see his hands above his head he will slam them down and possibly hit you, and it does a fair amount of damage, I would suggest you switch to tank and heal. If you get to yellow hp I would switch to tank and heal to get back to fighting form.

About after a third of his HP a cinematic action will come up and you need to ace it to get a Buff.

After that he will likely belch again, once you bring him down to half he will likely roar to bring up his attack speed. After that he will start swiping at you, up to 10 times without a break, if you need to tank it and heal it. Or you could possibly defeat him before he defeats you.

After you bring his HP to 0 there’s a long cinematic and if you ace it you get a monster adornment item.

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  • This was very helpful, especially the weak to Aero tip. Thank you.

  • Helpful, not in the least sorry to say. It seems this walkthrough only applies to the very 1st encounter. I have beaten him a 2nd time, which opens up another Sunleth Waterscape, won’t spoil it for those who have not downed him yet. But to the few who have how do you get rid of him for good? As my map tells me there is a treasure chest behind him. I’m guessing it’s the 3rd and final gate key for this area. Ok and now for those who have not beaten him, I’m leaving my strategy. Let’s start with group set-ups, your main focus is going to be staying alive so set one group as all medics for rapid healing. Your 2nd group should be made up two sentinels (noel/serah) and one monster medics (I recommend the medics clan from the Augusta Towers as it feral link is a full parry heal. 3rd and finally make a diversity group, note this will be your damage group. You will also need wound potions, I doubt you have had the need for them until now, so go buy no less then 30. Ok now that we are ready on to the fight, start out with diversity and begin building your chain combo meter. Switch to any and every time he attacks to soak up damage, don’t be afraid to use potions also they help. Once the incoming damage has stopped switch to salvation and heal up. Finally switch back to diversity and continue laying into him. This is a wash, rinse, repeat method using feral links to ease things up a tad. Now all should be going well until he hits 1/3 HP. Now the fun begins, at this point everything does besides bletch will wound you. If you don’t know what wound is I’m about to explain now. Wound drops your HP total, here’s an example (you have 2500 max HP you get hit for 50 wound damage, your max HP is now 2450. Any added wound attacks will stack and this rebuff lasts the duration of the fight unless it cured). So continue with the strategy I listed above but with added wound potions, use them when your max HP is roughly at 75% of what it is. I don’t see this being a hard fight if you level up but I choose to tackle it fairly early with my Noel’s max HP at 2900. I hope this helps anyone trying to beat him ASAP.

    • Sorry this didn’t help you but I have to write these and play the game which takes a ton more time then playing the actual game. I expect people to be farther then me and when I get to the point where I fight him again I will post a new guide.

  • Barbara

    Hello I cannot beat this boss. I do not have tank and no matter what i do it is not doing any damage :/

  • HHS

    I beat him with only 1000 health on my 2 members, however, I did have to constantly switch to 2 sentinels, monster as medic every time he performed an attack.

  • Sullie, explain why tf, the gland 1st nice is belch on the 2nd encounter and it downs my whole party, ? Now who’s unhelpful

  • what does tank mean, I’m sorry but I’m completely new to the games and I’m having a hard time defeating this monster also what is Aero

    • tank is a term for someone that can take a lot of damage pretty much and the other is a spell play the game perhaps grind until you can do it

  • Kay

    Ugh I am totally lost in beating this monsters. I need a body. Could someone please get back to me. I thInk I am lost…. And I have the guide. That says it all how lost I am.:) thank to anyone thatll help me.

  • It’s by far the longest fight till this point, however, once you get it going it’s not so bad. I had Cait Sith as my medic, put Noel as a commando and Serah as a a ravager and Snow did his thing. You want to control Serah and get her to spam Aero on it whilst Snow, Noel and Cait Sith do what they do. You’ll get bored, but if you keep this up, you’ll eventually kill him. The only way to kill him is to get the stagger and let loose cause that’s what counts, if you keep Cait Sith as your medic, you’ll have no problem with getting the stagger.

  • pleh

    Can anyone suggest effective role combinations on the 2nd battle encounter with this overgrown rotten tomato? I honestly can’t stay alive 1min. and from the Youtube videos I watch, they/users have their characters with over 3,000HP. My characters only have 1,200HP on average and my medic has 700HP. I don’t have enough CP either to level-up all 3 characters to lv.50. ;_;


    • I can’t really help you but my characters have about 500HP each so it’s not very much but i can stay alive more or less as long as i want. The problem I’m having is the damage, i can’t seem to hurt him at all even when he is staggered. I hit him about 200-300 every time but it’s not nearly enough. I’m using Commando, Ravage, Heal for attacking and Sentinel, Sentinel, Heal when he attacks. My characters are about lvl 8 i think.