GOAL! For Czech Fans

EA announced yesterday that after coming to terms with contract issues, the Czech Republic has landed onto the covenant FIFA. Czech Republic and Turkish Leagues and National teams were left out after hopes of contract negotiations fell through, before the release that past us in September.


EA has come to an agreement with the European Football Association to include them in the FIFA franchise, settling with a four year agrreement with. It comes after Czech Officaials asked for almost double the licenceign fee. Both Miroslav Pelta, The President of the Football Association of the Czech Republic and Matt Bilbey, The Vice President and GM of Football, (EA Sports) had this to say:

“Having the full national team, in the hugely popular FIFA series, with authentic jerseys and players, is a big win for Czech football fans. Seeing the team in the world’s most popular sports videogame in the coming years is something that will definitely build the connection between our team and our fans.” – Pelta.

“We’re very excited to bring stars of the Czech National Team into our games. For all our fans that support and love Czech football, this will only add to the authentic FIFA experience they enjoy.” – Bilbey.