What Makes Gamers Heroes Special?

What Makes Gamers Heroes Special?

So you’ve probably visited hundreds of different gaming websites, all of which seem to offer the same thing. So what makes Gamers Heroes different from the rest? Well for one, we’re gamers just like you. Of course, many sites say that too, but we’re not a bunch of writers hired under corporate big wigs to line their pockets. We’re passionate about what we do and that’s why we’ve highlighted our strengths below. Regardless of your initial reason to come to our website, we would greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to read this post as we mean every single word.

Game Guides
Game Guides are the main reason we started Gamers Heroes and they’ve become some of our most successful articles. We chose to focus on Game Guides when we first launched the website because we felt many of the bigger websites offer too much. We didn’t want an entire walkthrough all the time, sometimes we just got stuck in one of the few difficult parts in a game. The entire concept of our website backs up the quality of our Gamer Guides as thanks to guest heroes, that’s you guys, our guides are some of the most comprehensive available online. Our writers will create an article based on a difficult aspect of a game and do the majority of the leg work. Our awesome community then helps further by providing feedback. Whether this adds to the guides on parts that we missed, or explains certain aspects better. We read every comment as we’re writing the articles, constantly updating them and giving credit in the article to those that help. This is the reason our guides work so well and this is the reason we will always looks to our community for support.

Game Reviews
We’re not the biggest review database on the internet but that’s not through lack of trying. We’ve contacted hundreds of game developers in our time and thankfully some are nice enough to provide us with advanced copies of their hottest games. Does this mean we’ll automatically provide a high review score to keep public relations smooth? Hell no. We will NEVER, and I mean NEVER accept any “added incentive” or bribes to lie to our community. A developer could offer us a cash lump sum of $1000, we would still refuse to lie to our community. It’s not a secret that this happens in the industry but we’d rather be small and honest website than massive and untrustworthy one. We will never falsify information in a review to attract more attention and we’ll never be disrespectful about games that don’t make the grades. In short, you can rest assured that every single review you will ever read on Gamers Heroes comes from an honest, reliable source free of restrictions or ultimatums. You, the visitors, are the only reason this site has been a success, without you we would be nowhere, so why would we ever break that trust that you give to us everytime you check our website, view our guides, or visit our Facebook? Gamers Heroes has, and always will be, a 100% honest and unbiased source of high quality reviews.

News Articles
Since we started Gamers Heroes we’ve noticed a large number of websites that get PR emails (emails directly from developers and publishers) and then copy and paste the news directly to their website. Where’s the effort? How does that help your community when you post the same thing as 100 other websites? This is where we’re different. Although we get the same press releases as many of the big name websites, we’ll never just copy and paste it into our articles. If our writer doesn’t have the background or knowledge to add to the article, they won’t write it until they do. Every news article we feature at Gamers Heroes is informative, thorough and written by an individual knowledgeable in that particular area.

This is about the only time you can accuse the Gamers Heroes staff of being slightly unprofessional. Our Suck My Controller Podcasts are us, that’s it. We don’t pretend to be something we’re not, we don’t change the way we talk to appeal to a bigger audience. Simply put, what you see is what you get. As with the rest of our morals and beliefs, this will not suddenly change if we attract a ton more traffic, this is the way it will stay. We provide our opinions on a variety of things gaming and we’re not shy to say what we think. We also offer up to the minute news and discussions on the hottest games.

Overall, you are the reason we are here and you are the reason we’ll be here in the future. What do we get from ignoring users or making their browser experience miserable with full screen adverts just to make cash? Nothing. It doesn’t matter if we get 100 views a day or a million a day, we will always do everything we can to cater to the individual needs of each and every one of you. You drive us to do better, you drive us to do more and for that, we’ll provide you with the very best that we can.

Whether you want to moan about a feature, suggest a new idea or just say thanks. We’d love to here from you. Feel free to email captaincamper@www.gamersheroes.com.

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