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Casey Scheld’s Reviews

When our pets leave us for the rainbow bridge, we’d like to think they’re off to a better place. However, Purple Tree thinks of something far more grim for these furry fellows with their new sports game Pets No More. Should pets be reanimated for some arcade action, or should this title be put out to pasture?
Combining shmup action with roguelike elements, Lost Machine Games’ TechBeat Heart is poised to deliver synthwave stylings with over-the-top action. Should players immerse themselves with this pairing, or does it try to do too much?
90s kids are no doubt well-versed in Super Smash Bros. and Nickelodeon cartoons - it’s the stuff sleepovers are made of. The folks at Ludosity (of Slap City fame), Fair Play Labs, and GameMill Entertainment have crafted up a nostalgia bomb with Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, a platform fighter chock-full of Nicktoons legends. Does this tribute work, or does it deserve a one-way ticket to the Slime Zone?
Who doesn’t like crossovers? Not only do they exploit nostalgia, they also offer fresh new content for diehard fans to enjoy. If the recent kart racer Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing was a love letter to Sega fans, its beefed up sequel Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed is a full-blown serenade. Does this racer steal gamers’ hearts…or break them?
Since its debut in 1995, fans of Namco Bandai’s Tales series have saved the world more than 20 times over. These JRPG fanatics are no doubt thrilled about the recent localization of Tales of Xillia, but does this PS3-exclusive live up to the series’ dynasty?
Western music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero may have gone the way of the keyboard accordion, but this rhythm-based genre is still alive and well in Japan. SEGA and Crypton’s Hatsune Miku series of games has been keeping the beat for years, and this green-haired idol is set to make her debut in the states with Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F.
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