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10 Low Level Magic Items To Add To Your D&D Campaign

Adding magic items to your D&D campaign can be tricky because of how over powered they are. Here we list 10 Low Level Magic Items To Add To Your D&D Campaign that won’t break the game.

10 Low Level Magic Items To Add To Your D&D Campaign

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Here is the video version – https://youtu.be/NYldax_NVaM

Clockwork Amulet

The Clockwork Amulet is a simple magical that allows wearers to take a flat ten plus their modifiers on their attack roll. So, for example, if the Fighter has a 3 to their Strength Modifier + 2 on their Proficiency Bonus, then using the Clockwork Amulet would give them a 15 to hit.

While it cannot crit, it is an excellent item for applying status effects. I’ve had Monks in my games use it simply to get a Stunning Strike off before unloading into a monster. So don’t sleep on the Clockwork Amulet.


Horn Of Alarm

The Horn of Alarm is an amazing item for groups that either split up or have a scouting member. When you blow the horn, you choose who can hear it within 600 feet of you. A group that plans correctly can use this to ambush an enemy camp or to give a party member the go-ahead on a sneaky plan. It can only be used four times a day as well.

I recently had a player get warped out of a tavern by accident(only a few buildings down), but the group thought she was upstairs. She was locked in a cage and luckily had Tinker’s Tools to get out, but the Horn or Silent Alarm could have at least alerted her party members she was in trouble. Alternatively, you can use it on the same NPC repeatedly and make them think they are going crazy for being the only one hearing a horn over and over.

Immovable Rod

This is an item that could be overpowered, depending on the player that gets it. The Immovable Rod is exactly what it sounds like, a rod that is very hard to move. It can hold up to 8000lbs and requires a DC 30 Strength check to move 30 feet.

I know putting it into the belly of a dragon, for instance, can certainly stop the beast in its tracks. However, the item is often left behind in any situation where it might be overpowered. Blocking a door, holding up a collapsing mining shaft, or pinning an NPC down, the Immovable Rod is great. Or you can be like my group and put it on top of the barbarian every morning to see if they can move it.

Coin of Luck


Moving on, we have a homebrew item from our Patreon that we call the Coin Of Luck. Once per day, you can roll a D4, and on odds, you get disadvantage on your ability check, and on evens, you get advantage. You can even make it a random gold coin in another pile of larger coins.

Blood Weapons

The Blood Weapon comes from Curse of Strahd, but we will have to nerf it a bit. Put simply, whenever someone gets a kill with the weapon, they roll 2D6 and gain that as Temporary HP. That is going to be too strong if left as is.

Instead, we will make it so you can do that once per day, making it useful early on but not as great later. I normally don’t even put this at +1 Weapon unless the player is a Tank. Just be wary of your players going out to kill squirrels and rats to get their HP boost before adventuring.

Dwarven Walking Stick

Another homebrew item that is designed for the smaller races. While using this cane, your movement speed is set to 30. Small folk didn’t like being unable to keep up with the tall folk, so this was designed. It can also be used as a staff in combat. This does not help with difficult terrain nor does it assist if you have a movement penalty debuff from say magic or curses.

Pipe of Remembrance/Smoke Monsters

These two pipes are purely for role-playing purposes, but they are still fun. The Pipe of Remembrance is meant to show off the wearer’s “most heroic and impressive achievements” in the form of smoke figures. I personally alter it a bit and use it for players to share a bit more of their backstory. It doesn’t have to be heroic, just a memory of whoever smokes it.

smoke pipe 2

The Smoke Monsters one is just for fun. You make the shape of whatever creature, but it must be able to fit within a 1-foot cube and only lasts a couple seconds. Neither of these are game-breaking, but a talented Bard can easily use them to improve their performance checks.

Pearl Of Power

The Pearl of Power will allow any caster to restore up to a third-level spell slot. I’d say it’s almost essential on a Warlock early, but any magic user will drool for it. It would also make sense for an enemy mage mini-boss to have one on them.

It’s also an item you can quickly nerf or buff if you want. I typically give them the pearl but force them to roll a D4 for their spell slot. The upside is they can get a fourth-level spell out of it. Or make it a minor version and only allow them to restore first-level slots. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Lion Ring

Another homebrew item of ours that is good for lower-level players. Here is the description.

Once per day, as a bonus action, you can use this ring to Roar. Choose from one of the two effects. Five targets you can see receive temporary HP equal to your proficiency bonus + your Constitution modifier. Alternatively, you can use the ring to frighten any creatures you want within 30 feet of you that can hear you. The creatures must make a DC 12 Wisdom save to prevent being frightened. At the end of each of its turns, the target can make another Wisdom saving throw.

lion ring

Strong but not overpowered.

Uncommon Glamorweave

An item that is good for the face of the party or the Bard. While wearing this, you can roll an extra D4 and add it to any Charisma (Performance) or Charisma (Persuasion) check. You can also put it onto any armor, cloak, jewelry, or weapon.

The only thing you must watch out for is stacking buffs like this. For instance, my Bard used Bardic Inspiration(D8), the Cleric used Guidance (D4), and the Wild Magic Barbarian did their thing for another D3. So the Bard rolled their performance and got to add nearly another D20. Still, it turned into a night the party will never forget.

So there you go, 10 magic items you can easily put into your campaign. Got some you like to toss in? Leave a comment below.

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