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May was a great month for Gamers Heroes, Johnny Hurricane’s coverage of Mortal Kombat helped gamers everywhere find that little trick to Beating Shao Kahn and his case by case L.A Noire Guides went down a real treat. As well as a number of successful guides we also reached 100 Facebook fans, recording record numbers of traffic and more comments in a weekend than we had in the previous two, but enough of May, what can you guys look forward to for June?

Following on from our successful L.A Noire theme week, Gamers Heroes will feature not only one, but two games in June’s theme week. The first, the highly anticipated, almost mythical, Duke Nukem Forever. We hope to feature a number of Duke Nukem Forever Boss Guides as well as some general tips and tricks article to help conquer the game and gather all the achievements all the while enjoying some of the best one-liners ever said.

The second game for our July theme week will be the remake of a timeless classic, The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time on the 3DS. You can expect individual boss guides as well as dungeon guides on some of the more difficult part of the game.

June is full of great releases, other than those we’ve mentioned we’re also going to feature boss and game guides for Infamous 2 and Red Faction: Armageddon and we may even write a few for Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions but don’t hold your breath on that last one.

At the end of June we hope to implement a new article submission system. At the moment we’re limited to offering $1 for every article we publish, once the new system is in place we’ll be able to offer a far wider range of rewards for submitting content to be published on Gamers Heroes including increased revenue, play.com vouchers and another little surprise that we’re working on but that’s an announcement for a later date, and finally, we’ll also be getting a face-lift with a new logo and a few other graphical improvements.

May was a great month but now we look forward, you all helped update and provide awesome games for last month, please continue to contribute to our guides for June.

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Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith, or Smith as he prefers to be called as he doesn't have to repeat it four times before people get it, is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. Smith has been playing games for over 30 years, from Rex & 180 on ZX Spectrum to the latest releases on the ninth generation of consoles. RPG's are his go-to genre, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, and Elder Scrolls being among his favorites, but he'll play almost anything once (except Dark Souls). You can best reach him on Twitter

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