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The 10 Best Super Smash Bros Items

Top 10 Best Super Smash Brother Items

One of the best features in Super Smash Brothers is the random items. Everyone has their favorite item, and then there’s that one item you hate to see. This is our list of the 10 best items in Super Smash Brothers! Check it out.

The items can come from any of the Super Smash Brothers games.

Super Smash Brothers Cast

Beam Sword

As the name suggests, this item is a beam sword you can use on your opponents. It isn’t all that powerful, but it makes up for it with superior speed and range. You can keep an enemy back or get a quick hit combo going until the item runs out. Also, Pikachu looks awesome running around with a beam sword in his mouth.


Quick, grab the Bob-omb before it explodes! Quick, throw the Bob-omb before it blows up in your hand! The Bob-omb is a great item to troll your friends with if you have a few extra lives. Grab it, stick to your buddy like glue, and boom! If not, you can use it as a pure destructive force to score an easy kill. Just be sure to release it before it takes you out!

Sonic Megaman and Mario


The Bumper, really? Yes! It makes the list because of how entertaining it can be. This item is pretty common in the game and getting two out at the same time happens often. Trapping buddies in between bumpers is one of the most rewarding experiences in Smash Brothers. If they try to jump out, knock them back in and let the rage ensue! Just be ready for the bumper to come back and hit you in the face if you’re close to the enemy you hit.

Fire Flower

The Fire Flower is one of those hit and miss items, but when used properly it can inflict some great damage. Roll out of the way of an attack and BAM – unleash the fire onto your enemy! The greatest part about the Fire Flower is that after it runs out of juice you can just throw it at someone.

Super Smash Bros Brawl


Even if you don’t care to use items, when the Hammer drops you make a break for it. Everyone knows the tune that comes along with it and the fear that follows if you don’t have it in your hand. Run, jump, and hide because the reckoning is at hand!

Home Run Bat

I never really got the hang of this item, but I had friends who were masters with it. 0% damage to dead in a single shot and I’d watch my lives fade away into nothing. The concept is simple: charge the swing and hit your opponent. If you move you lose the charge and it becomes more like a beam sword. For anyone unaware, the trick is wait for your opponent to get close while you have it charged and roll to avoid losing the charge. Yup, lots of rage towards the Home Run Bat.

Motion Sensor Bomb

This item might as well be called the hope destroyer because you will always find it on the edge you’re trying to double jump to. It becomes almost invisible after someone places it and it doesn’t pick sides when it comes to exploding. If you can see the item placed you will be able to use it to your advantage, but if not… well, enjoy the surprise.

Mario and Max Hearts


The Pokeball is my favorite Super Smash Brothers item because of its randomness, The Pokemon that pops out could be a game changer or it could be completely useless. Sure, Snorlax is great in Yoshi’s Island but in Hyrule Caste he’s easily avoidable. Of course I’ll take Snorlax over Goldeen any day.

Super Scope

You have two choices with the Super Scope: quick, weak shots or one supercharged shot. Similar to the Home Run Bat, if you roll around you won’t lose the charge. Unfortunately, the Super Scope doesn’t guarantee a kill. The best way to use this item is to have the charge ready and stand at the edge of a level waiting for a buddy to try to make an epic jump. Right before they get to the ledge, unleash the thunder and watch them fly off the map.

Warp Star

The Warp Star is really strong, but you don’t get much control and it can easily backfire and kill you. You can use it to escape for a few seconds or with the intention of ending a match. After someone gets on, the star moves around the screen and then comes down with a bit of an explosion. The problem: without much control you can end up missing and be in a bad spot.

What about you? Which items do you like using the most in Super Smash Brothers? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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