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10 Best Video Game Ragequits

10 Best Video Game Ragequits
Facing a potty-mouthed little brat online or failing an impossible mission over and over (and over) is bound to bring out the demon in all of us. However, these instances rarely leave our living rooms. Not so here — in these 10 cases, watch as the beast is unleashed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Electronic Sports League (ESL) European Finals

Eurogamer did some hard-hitting journalism on this one.

Venturing into the battlefield of the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Electronic Sports League (ESL) European Finals, they captured this rare footage full of colorful commentary that would make a sailor blush.

The ESL’s response? Deal with it.

Major League Gaming Meltdown

Major League Gaming requires focus, teamwork, and patience. However, this person keeps things professional…and snaps almost immediately. This footage has it all: prepubescent yelling, weak threats, and a violent rubbing of the chest.

The moment his voice cracks, you can just know that this is an MLG bout to remember.

Stepmania (DDR) Monitor Smash

You can tell this one is a little weird right off the bat.

First off, this guy’s fervent dedication to the open-source DDR game Stepmania shows how he isn’t even arsed enough to invest in a dance pad. Second, he is dedicated to perfecting a song called “Maid of Fire” while fervently mashing four keys on his keyboard. Even the slightest deviation from his goal gives you the rare chance to see him leave his seat — and smash his precious monitor.

Beatmania Musician Jumps a Note, Jumps Out Window

Playing the elegant Sasoribi Piano Concerto No. 1 is no small feat on the piano, and apparently it’s hard in Konami’s Beatmania as well. Unable to replicate this classical masterpiece with 14 keys and two turntables, he decides to save face and jump out the nearest window.

Rock Band TV Smash

This group may have played Boston’s “More than a Feeling,” but this guitarist channeled his inner Jimi Hendrix. Possibly mad at the fact that he was spending his evening in a basement with a plastic guitar, he broke both his instrument and his TV with gusto.

And people wonder why Rock Band is dead.

Kid QQs Over Halo 3

This dad is a great role model, raising his spawn on a steady diet of Showtime’s Dexter and Halo 3. Trouble is, he can’t even get a single kill and proceeds to scream bloody murder on the floor of their living room. His epic yells of “why!!!!” are touching, but it’s the drool at 6:08 that really makes it.

German Screams Sweet Nothings at Unreal Tournament

Forever dubbed “The Angry German Kid” by the Internet community, Fox/Tobias really wants his Unreal Tournament. Fed up with his slow rig, he actually manages to break his keyboard after yelling at his computer for four solid minutes.

Now he HAS to upgrade his rig.

World of Warcraft Experiences Tough Love, Breaks Computer

Love hurts.

In this relationship gone wrong, a hardcore WoW fan gets his account deleted by his girlfriend while he makes a run out for smokes. When he gets home and sees how his characters are MIA, he gives his computer a good thrashing.

FIFA 14 Fan Freaks Out, Breaks His Own TV

Soccer fans are the hardest of the hardcore. So when this FIFA 14 fan loses his cool and throws his controller at the TV (and subsequently goes to town on said TV), it just comes off as another day. However, word has it that this FIFA fan gone amok broke his own set — his friends’ laughter more or less confirms it.

Rainbow Six Kid Wants Chocolate Milk

Fierce firefights require action…and chocolate milk. During this heated Rainbow Six match, a kid yells at his mom to get him some chocolate milk, then immediately blames her for messing him up.

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