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10 Most Dominant League Of Legends ARAM Champions

10 Most Dominate League Of Legends ARAM Champions

In League Of Legends there are the good champions then there are the dominant champions. This list has our picks for the most dominant champions in the game mode All Random All Middle. Check out the list to figure out who you should try to trade for!



Everyone dreads facing off with Nidalee in ARAM. That spear is just so powerful and with limited running room she is perfect for the game mode. Good Nidalee’s will get 7 or 8 kills before dying, and then they die on the turret! The worst part is even if you manage to catch her she has a heal and cougar form to help her get away! She is a ton of fun to play and when a spear hits you always feel good about yourself.


Another one of the dreaded ARAM champs is Lux. She has it all, snare, slow, shield, and a super long range ult with a low cool down. A good Lux can be so hard to catch and she is so good at supporting the team she will prevent you from getting kills all day. With that said if you do catch her and she has her moves on cool down she is squishy and easy to kill.


Spamming Q is best done when you are playing Soraka. It almost seems like people underestimate the damage Soraka can do and let her rain Starcall on them while focusing on other champs. A stacking magic resistance debuff, a full team heal, and a silence to boot makes Soraka an extremely strong ARAM champ. Fear the bananas!



Finally an ADC makes the list right? Well honestly a good majority of the ADCs in the game are strong in ARAM but Jynx takes the crown. Her Q has some great range with some AoE damage and her ult is hard to miss on this map and will do a lot of damage. Throw in some traps that will pretty much stop melee in their tracks and a passive that makes her impossible to catch or outrun and Jynx is arguably the best ADC for ARAM.


Another extremely strong ADC for ARAM is Varus. His range and damage on his Q can seriously put a team up against the ropes very early in the game. It wouldn’t be nearly as bad if it didn’t go through champs so it could hit multiple targets. If you manage to survive that you will have to deal with his ult, which on the ARAM map can easily hit more than one champion. Toss in a passive that does % of HP and even tanks fear Varus.


Janna has a lot of control mixed in with some support for her team. Her tornado can knock up multiple opponents and her heal pushes enemy champs away which can really mess up the enemy teams focus. Then you have her shield which obviously prevents deaths but it can also protect turrets! With the amount of control she brings and the support aspect she adds, Janna makes a great addition to any ARAM team.


Not Blitz

Honestly I’m sure Blitz doesn’t need an explanation but I’ll give one anyways. Speedup, pull, knock up and silence. Getting grabbed by Blitz in ARAM almost always means death or huge damage, unless you are a tank. With a mana shield Blitz can get in the fight can keep on you while his cool downs go down. Just be careful not to pull the Shen who taunts your ADC and turns the whole fight around!


Oh Fiddle, what a champ. Everyone hates seeing that crow coming back into your lines and only jumping between two champs. Oh and what’s that? A 3 second fear? Sure why not. We all know why we play Fiddle though, Crowstorm. Coming out of the bush into the enemy team followed by a Zhonyas is one of the best things to do in ARAM. Fiddle is great for making a team scatter which can be huge if done correctly.


Jayce can be hit and miss honestly but a good one is devastating in ARAM. He just has so many options and can pack a punch from distance or up close. We’ve all been too close to an ally when a Jayce ball hits and brings both of us down to below half HP. He can also use a speed up to jump on you and knock you back into his entire team. He can be a bit squishy though so sometimes you get the Jayce who jumps in to much and dies over and over.


Ziggs Cannonball

Bouncing bomb that can hit multiple champs at once? Sounds fair. Limited room to move yet again comes into play since Ziggs can throw his bombs really far. Then if you can get close he will blow himself out of damage and slow you with a bunch of little damaging bombs! Oh and let’s not forget the ult that takes up a huge amount of the map and does quite a bit of damage. He is very squishy if caught but catching him is tricky!

That’s who we think are the most dominant champions in ARAM, what do you think? Leave a comment below and tell us who you think is the strongest!

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  1. Why isn’t twitch on here? He can easily clear whole teams by himself. I played him and went 27-7-28 and easily got multiple pentakills.

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