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10 Things You Can Do Once You’ve Completed Final Fantasy XV

10 Things You Can Do Once You've Completed Final Fantasy XV's Story
Final Fantasy XV’s epic story concludes but what’s left for Noctis and friends? We’ve got a list of 10 things you can do once you’ve completed Final Fantasy XV’s story so the journey of the band of brothers can continue. Some of these are more challenging and rewarding than any of the content prior so be sure to check it out!

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Unlock The Regalia Type-F And Take To The Skies

The ability to soar the heavens is a staple feature of the Final Fantasy franchise but with the game complete and no airship in sight, was this iconic element overlooked in Final Fantasy XV? Well, there’s no airship but there’s the next best thing. A flying frickin’ car.

That’s right. The Kings faithful steed, the Regalia, can get quite the upgrade when you complete the game that turns the vehicle into a mode of flying transportation, complete with a rather fitting Back to the Future quote. It’s actually something easily overlooked but easily accomplished via completing a simple mission, which also happens to be the mission that can award you with over 1,000,000 experience points in one go.

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Max Your Arsenal With These Awesome Weapons

Outside of the Royal Arms that you discover throughout the story Final Fantasy XV is filled with unique weapons that can be upgraded with the right know-how and a bit of elbow grease. The legendary Cid makes a return and once again plays a vital role in your parties ability to take down the games more difficult foes – albeit in a non-combat capacity.

One of these weapons is the iconic Ultima Blade, a single handed sword for Noctis that is among the most powerful weapons in the game. There’s one available for each of your companions, depending on your weapons of choice, so be sure to unlock all the powerful weapons to prepare for the DLC.

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Unlock The Secret Dungeon doors

Final Fantasy XV features over a dozen challenging and rewarding dungeons. Whether you spent 40 hours exploring side content prior to completing the story or just went straight for the punchline, there’s a really good chance you’ve discovered one of these secret and annoying doors at least once.

Almost every dungeon you can discover during your time exploring Final Fantasy XV has a hidden door inside. During the story these doors are locked and cannot be opened without a key, a key that becomes available once you complete the game. So what’s behind these doors? New Royal Arms weapons? Powerful new accessories? Nope, new dungeons. Check out our guide to find the key.

That’s right. These special doors all hide dungeons within dungeons ranging from levels 55 all the way up to 99. Think you’ve got what it takes to complete them all?

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Relive The Memories Of Final Fantasy

One of my personal favorite features in all of Final Fantasy XV is the Final Fantasy Memories. These are special items that you can discover on your travels, each unlocking a soundtrack associated with past Final Fantasy games. Cruising around in the Regalia listening to my favorite tracks from past Final Fantasy games is one of the most memorable aspects of Final Fantasy XV, and one you won’t want to miss.

What’s more, you can even purchase a portable MP3 player from the Regalia later in the game. So now you can take the feels of past Final Fantasy experiences into any area in Final Fantasy XV.

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Max Out Skills For Noctis, Ignis, Gladio & Prompto

Although not the most exciting element of the game each of the members of the main cast in Final Fantasy XV come with their own unique skill. Noctis likes to enjoy a bit of fishing, Gladio is a survival expert that collects items after battle, Ignis can cook up a storm with his awesome recipes and Prompto – well, he likes to take poorly framed pictures at the most awkward moments.

Most of the skills are passive or easily leveled up so with just a bit of patience and some more elbow grease, you’ll have level 10 across the board in no time.

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Complete Everything! Yes, Everything!

Prior to Chapter 9 Final Fantasy XV’s open world is over flowing with a massive amount of side content that you can complete – or totally ignore. These include a huge number of side quests, tons of challenging hunts, hundreds of hidden treasures and huge enemies scattered around the landscape.

I’m not sure I’ll have the patience to complete it all. I’m not sure whose idea it was to only allow us to grab one hunt at a time but I’m not a fan of his… or hers.

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Land The Regalia

Although most past Final Fantasy games have featured some form of air travel, never before has it been a potentially fatal experience. Once you’ve unlocked the Regalia Type-F there’s yet another challenged involved, landing the damn thing. With the longer stretches of road it can be a tricky endeavor to say the least but there’s one particular spot that’s a really challenge.

Scan your map over on the Western side, not far from the Rock of Ravatogh dungeon, and you’ll notice a rather out of place yellow smudge on the map. This is actually a road, a tiny landing strip that leads to an area otherwise unreachable. There’s plenty worth exploring on the other side but the challenge, to land successfully without sending Noctis and co into a fiery oblivion.

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Reach Level 99

Once again Final Fantasy’s level cap sits at 99, just that one level shy of 100. Unless you were seriously hardcore about maximizing experience points and completing all side content, there’s a good chance you didn’t hit 99 before the end of the game. I completed the story at about the 70 hour mark and even using the best foods for experience points and our fantastic guide for fast leveling I was only able to reach level 90.

Outside of the personal accomplishment that comes with reaching a level cap in an RPG there’s also some end-game content that requires higher levels to complete so if you’re looking to master the world of Final Fantasy XV, reaching level 99 is a must.

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A Battle Of Attrition – Defeat The Infamous Adamantoise

What’s left to challenge a player once they’ve conquered all of your content? An epic battle against a huge moving mountain-like turtle thing that lasts over 5 hours? You got it! Once you complete Final Fantasy XV’s story and return to past events you’ll receive a call from everyone’s favorite mechanic, Cindy.

Cindy will warn you of a sudden rash of earthquakes plaguing Hammerhead and the surrounding Leide region. Head to her aid and you’ll soon find yourself in one of the longest and most challenging battles in the history of end-game RPG content.

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Raise The Black Chocobo

The Final Fantasy Duscae demo featured a special appearance from another of Final Fantasy’s most beloved characters, the Chocobo. What was especially special about this particular Chocobo was that it was black, one of the rarest types of Chocobo’s – next to the gold of course. If you’ve spent much time at the Wiz Chocobo Post you’re probably already familiar with the ability to change your Chocobo’s color, but black isn’t an option.

There is however a long side quest line for Wiz that eventually sees Noctis and friends rescue a Black Chocobo egg. You are able to hatch the egg but whether this grows into an adult sized Black Chocobo is yet to be seen, will you be the first?

Even if you’ve completed all of the above there’s plenty of other exciting options to choose from including collecting all 5 legendary weapons and claiming all the rewards at the risky but incredibly fun monster arena.

Final Fantasy XV’s story was the best the franchise has seen in nearly 10 years and the end-game content is nearly as good. Anything fun and exciting you’ve found post-story? Let us know in the comments below.

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