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The 10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2013

The 10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2013

In Minecraft, the sky’s the limit. Mojang offers plenty of new options and features to tinker with each update, but sometimes its blocky playground is missing that certain something. Enter the modding community — below are 10 amazing mods to better your Minecraft experience.

Weather & Tornadoes


The idyllic setting of Minecraft can get a little too peaceful at times. The Weather & Tornadoes mod adds twisters (but not Sharknadoes, unfortunately) to the mix. You can have them happen naturally, or spawn them for mass destruction.

Download here.

Portal Gun – Reconstructed


Portal is popular. Minecraft is popular. Why not combine the two?

The Portal Gun – Reconstructed mod takes a page from Aperture Science and hands the fabled portal gun from Chell to Steve. The same rules apply: Shoot one entry portal, one exit portal, and make your trip! Those who long for the Weighted Companion Cube are covered as well — you can keep it close or fling it in a pit of fire.

Still no sign of cake though.

Download here.

Terraria 3D


Often seen as a 2D Minecraft, Terraria has offered a different perspective on the building formula. This mod adds all of Terraria’s items to Minecraft, and then some. The game, however, is still strictly 3D.

Download here.

Rei’s Minimap


Rei’s Minimap might not seem like much at first glance, but any would-be builders better not leave home without it. In addition to providing coverage of areas both above and below the surface, it also comes with waypoint and compass features to make travel easy. Never get lost again!

Download here.



Taking your pickaxe to a Creeper is all fine and dandy, but what if you had something with a little more…power?

WizardCraft will give you that power.

Adding RPG-style magic to Minecraft, it gives you a selection of staffs, new items, a Mana bar, and four levels of magical spells to play with.

Download here.

The Aether


Minecraft’s already got tons of blocks — there’s no denying that. However, The Aether mod adds the Aether realm in the sky, chock full of new blocks, items, mods, and even a new accessory system.

Download here.



There’s so much to build in Minecraft that prepping everything can get downright repetitive. The BuildCraft mod streamlines things by adding machines for automating tasks, as well as pipes for easy transportation of items, liquids, and energy. Now you can spend less time grinding and more time building.

Download here.



For all Minecraft has to offer, its world is downright empty. Heck, even Steve lacks personality!

Enter Millenaire. This mod populates the landscape of Minecraft with NPC villages filled with members from different cultural backgrounds. Each village offers different tasks, tools, and treasure, making exploration into something akin to an RPG.

Download here.



The ComputerCraft mod goes all Inception on Minecraft. Offering a computer inside a game…inside of a computer, ComputerCraft allows players to hone their programming skills using the Lua programming language. Those who can code can automate any number of tasks in the Minecraft universe.

Download here.



Want to add more zazz to the world of Minecraft? The OptiFine mod finetunes the Minecraft experience, giving players access to an FPS boost, a variable render distance, support for HD textures, and other tweaks.

Download here.

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