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5 Alternatives to Minecraft

5 Alternatives to Minecraft

Mojang’s Minecraft is one hell of a drug.

You build and you build and you build, and then you wonder where all your time has gone. So what if you want to shake your Minecraft habit and try something new? Rather than go cold turkey with a completely different genre, why not try one of these five games to get a Minecraft-like high?


Designed by Andrew “Redigit” Spinks and Re-Logic, Terraria is what you would get if you took the 3D world of Minecraft and subtracted a D. Providing a 2D action experience, Terraria adds a bit more derring-do with its mixture of action, adventure, and RPG. PVP is also supported, as is cooperative play. Is it any wonder Terraria has sold over three million copies to date?

Download here.


Taking the world (and the stars) by storm, Chucklefish’s Starbound rose the ranks of Steam Greenlight and was even secured a spot in Raptr’s top five most played games for some time!

Promising “a story in a sandbox,” Starbound tells a story of space adventure with a good deal of crafting thrown in for good measure. Silence and Creepers are traded in for NPCs with quests and a mystery regarding the Glitch.

Pre-order here.


Think Minecraft is like playing with LEGO blocks? You haven’t lived until you’ve played Blockland.

The world of Blockland is any kid (or kid at hearts’) dream come true. Packing in hundreds of thousands of bricks, players can build almost anything to their hearts content, all while enjoying explosions and particle effects real-life blocks just can’t provide. The best part of Blockland? No clean-up required.

Download here.

CastleMiner Z

Think Minecraft’s Creepers are bad? The undead horde is far worse.

DigitalDNA’s CastleMiner Z requires you to use your surroundings for survival rather than construction work. With the help of a friend, you too can come out of the zombie horde alive. You’re not alone either — with more than one million sales to date, finding a fellow survivor in CastleMiner Z is a piece of cake.

Download here.

Ace of Spades

It’s one thing to use a pickaxe, but it’s a whole ‘nother ballgame to use a loaded AK47.

Jagex’s Ace of Spades takes the look of Minecraft and applies it to its world. There might be map editors in other games, but Ace of Spades lets you customize the battlefield down to the very block. Of course what goes up must come down, and all of Ace of Spades’ worlds can just as easily be destroyed with the right amount of firepower.

Download here.

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