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5 Most Annoying Mario Kart Items

Top 5 Most Annoying Mario Kart Items

With Mario Kart 8 right around the corner, May 30th, we decided to make a list of the most annoying items in Mario Kart. We opted to skip character specific items and instead focused on the items all players can get. The list is from any and every Mario Kart game, check it out!

Spiny Shell

[line style=’ridge’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Nothing puts more pressure on the player in first place then the Spiny Shell. With virtually no way to dodge it if you are in first you better expect to drop a couple places. Just being close to first place can also get you hit by this and you might not even see it coming, The best option is to just beat the race if possible, if not you have to try and take down second place with you!


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In Mario Kart Boo steals a random opponents item and gives it to the player that used the Boo. Random of course means you if no one else has an item so this can really cost you. You can be lining up that red shell to take first place, or be getting ready to use a lightning bolt to gain a few postions and bam! bye bye item. It is nice when you get Boo and steal an epic item though, especially when you are in the top three postions. To top it off when you use the item you become invisible an items can’t hit you.


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The point of this item is literally to annoy you, It doesn’t cover up enough of the screen make it impossible to see and it also doesn’t make you skid out after the effects end. Inky pops up, shoots ink in your face, and leaves. You figure the least he could do after he blinded you would be to put an oil slick on the ground to force the driver to lose control. Nope just ink on the screen and a minor annoyance and if you have a mushroom you can just dash the ink away.


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Lightning comes down from the heavens and strikes all drivers except the driver who uses the item, It wouldn’t be that bad if it was just a crash but it leaves you small and vunerable. After the lightning strike you can expect the user to do whatever they can to make sure they run you over before you regain your size. To top it off it can make you lose your items so another player can pick them up!

Bullet Bill

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Bullet Bill

Bullet Bill is one of the more recent introductions to the Mario Kart world and it can quickly turn the tide of a race. You literally become a Bullet Bill and speed down the track towards enemy players. You don’t get much control but with the size and speed odds are you are going to take out one or two players easy,. The downside is if you are in a high place the duration of the Bullet Bill is reduced.

What about you? Which items do you find super annoying in Mario Kart? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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  1. I think the coin item is pretty annoying especially when in first and you already have 10 coins AND you desperately need an item to protect your butt from red shells.

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