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5 Best Horror Games of 2021

Halloween is almost here, bringing with it spooks, haunts, and enough Count Chocula to give anyone a nice buzz. To ring in this hallowed season, these 5 best horror games of 2021 promise to keep you on the edge of your seat with pure, unadulterated fear.

Resident Evil Village

Players will once again follow the story of Ethan Winters in Capcom’s Resident Evil Village. After dealing with the Baker family in Resident Evil VII: biohazard, this title kicks off with his daughter being kidnapped and him waking up in a mysterious village. From there, players must contend with Mother Miranda, her four Lords, and countless other dangers.

No need to fear though; this title gives players a fighting chance by focusing on the action this time around. Players will be able to choose the perfect loadout after visiting the Duke, and the return of its Mercenaries mode will help give players some well-deserved revenge.

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The Medium

The spirit realm is ripe for exploration with the release of Bloober Team’s The Medium. Set in 1999 post-Communism Poland, players will take control of the spirit medium Marianne as she explores the real world and the spirit world at the same time. However, she best tread with caution threats like The Maw – an entity born from an unspeakable tragedy – pose a threat.

To create its unique style, the work of painter Zdzisław Beksiński inspired its world, and Arkadiusz Reikowski and Akira Yamaoka.composed its soundtrack.

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Little Nightmares II

For those looking for a suspenseful title, Tarsier Studio and Bandai Namco’s Little Nightmares II is the title for you. Players will take control of the young boy Mono, who is trapped in a world distorted by an evil transmission. However, he’s not alone – with Six at your side, it’s up to players to find the source of the Transmission.

In addition to defeating and evading enemies, players will also have to contend with environmental puzzles and platforming segments.

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There’s no better horror title to break in your PlayStation 5 than Housemarque and PlayStation Studios’ Returnal. A third-person shooter roguelike hybrid, players take control of the Astra scout Selene Vassos after landing on the mysterious planet of Atropos. However, in her hunt for the mysterious white shadow signal, she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop.

Every death Selene faces at the hands of hostile alien lifeforms will make players stronger, the planet changing each time. This title serves as a combination between fear, skill, and trial-and-error.

Tormented Souls

Pulling inspiration from established horror series like Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Alone in the Dark, Dual Effect, Abstract Digital, and PQube’s Tormented Souls features a fixed perspective, fiendish puzzles, and countless evils lurking in the darkness. As Caroline Walker, players will have to contend with the horrors of Winterlake in an attempt to survive.

No need to worry about an antiquated experience, however; an updated control scheme and a dynamic camera bring things right to the modern era.

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