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5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5

5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5
Take to Montana with an arsenal of devastating weaponry. Find out what we think are some of the best weapons in the game with our 5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 article covering everything from explosives to alien devices. Far Cry 5’s arsenal is somewhat limited but what it lacks in variety, it more than makes up for in sheer fire power. Below are some of the best guns we’ve had the pleasure of using in the game and where you can find them.

5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5

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Spiked Bat

5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 Spiked Bat
Hold up. I know what you’re thinking but don’t judge it until you’ve tried it. While the Spiked Bat may lack the range, ammunition, stopping power and explosive capabilities of its distant firearms relatives, it packs a punch in its own right.

Very few things are as satisfying as a Spiked Bat takedown. Well, a Spiked Bat takedown followed by a range weapon throw tops it but you get what I mean.

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.44 Magnum Steel & Ivory

5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 44 Magnum Steel & Ivory
Montana is a dangerous place. Helicopters, planes, guns, crazy people so high on drugs a shotgun to the face won’t stop them. With death never more than a moment away you’d be forgiven for thinking a Magnum serves no purpose. Well, actually, you’d be kind right.

While the Magnum is arguably the best pistol in the game, it’s very rarely a weapon of choice. That is unless you want to hit the streets of Montana stylin’ and profilin’ because this gun looks hot as hell.

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5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 Rat4
If you have a problem, any problem, the Rat4 is the solution. This absolute beast is every murderous lunatics best friend. One of the most powerful weapons to add to your arsenal, and something sure to strike fear into the hearts of anything with an engine. Well, the drivers anyway.

Load this bad boy up with the Lock-On Upgrade and you’ll be knocking helicopters and planes out of the sky quicker than the Peggies can fuel up new ones. Unlock those additional weapon slots and be sure to have the Rat4 on your back.

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5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 Magnopulser
Unlocked through the completion of an alien-centric set of Side Missions, the Magnopulser is out of this world. While practically useless in terms of doing any serious damage to vehicles, the Magnopulser shines when it comes to having a good time in the county of Montana.

A small AoE wave knocks things flying. People, beasts, cows, whatever you hit that’s standing on legs will end up on its ass. Be sure to investigate some of the higher parts of Montana. There’s a few characters up that way that offer a priceless insight into the world of free falling. If you’re feeling somewhat sadistic, try aiming the Magnopulser at an enemy and watch them vanish into a haze of red mist.

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5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5 AK-M
Arguably the most shocking thing to happen since Friends went off the air (seriously, that crap was done), the AK-M takes the top spot. What? Alright, I get it. It’s an obvious choice but there’s a reason it’s a weapon used by armies, militias and radical groups the world over. A solid fire rate, great range, good damage, and a pretty badass looking skin to boot. The AK-M takes the top spot in our 5 Best Weapons In Far Cry 5

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