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5 Fan Sonic the Hedgehog Games Better Than Sonic Frontiers

After being delayed by SEGA after negative feedback last year, the latest gameplay for Sonic Team’s Sonic Frontiers is having fans call out for SEGA to delay the game once more.

However, leave it up to the fans to outdo SEGA with even better Sonic titles. These 5 fan Sonic the Hedgehog games are better than Sonic Frontiers – and they won’t cost you a cent to boot.

Oh, and we won’t make you click through five pages to look at the entire list.

5 Fan Sonic the Hedgehog Games Better Than Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Omens

BOLT’s Sonic Omens takes the 3D Sonic formula and runs with it faster than Super Sonic.

Taking place after Sonic Unleashed and before Sonic Lost World, Sonic Omens features a story with voice acting, cutscenes, and fan service galore. Physics have been polished, and levels have that need for speed that encourage replayability and high ranks. Much like Christian Whitehead and A+ Start, we expect BOLT to be poached by SEGA any day now due to the quality of Sonic Omens.

You can download the latest demo – which features Episode The Breakthrough & Temple of Sands – here. The game will be released in an episodic format.

Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit

Originally released for the SEGA Game Gear, Sonic Triple Trouble has been reimagined with twice the bits in noahncopeland’s Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit.

Designed in the style of the SEGA Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog games, Sonic Triple Trouble 16-bit reimagines the original title while still adhering to the aesthetic and technical limitations of the SEGA Genesis. Nack The Weasel, Knuckles The Echidna, and Dr. Robotnik await players, along with the ability to switch between Sonic and Tails any time.

You can download the latest demo – originally released for SAGE 2021 – here. The current demo features Great Turquoise Zone Act 1 & 2, Sunset Park Zone Act 1, and Meta Junglira Zone Act 1.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Project ’06

When Sonic the Hedgehog came out for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2006, critics critically panned it (the Xbox 360 version currently sits at 46 on Metacritic). However, Ian “ChaosX” Moris has remade the game in Unity with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog: Project ’06.

This isn’t a straight port, however; a number of changes have been included to improve the overall experience. Loading times have been significantly cut down, graphics are more detailed, character attributes have been altered, and the physics have been overhauled.

You can download the latest 1.6 update – which features Sonic and Shadow’s levels – here.

Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack

Sonic Mania released in 2017 to critical acclaim, earning an outstanding 90/100 review score from us when it was released. However, despite Sonic Mania Plus coming a bit later, fans have been clamoring for additional level content.

Enter Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack, a mod for the PC version of Sonic Mania that includes an additional four zones. Hilltop Zone, Wacky Workbench Zone, Labyrinth Zone, and Aquatic Ruin Zone have all been reimagined for a new generation, with new graphics, level designs, and gimmicks, along with a rocking soundtrack with Act 1 and Act 2 variations.

You can download the latest version of Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack – released for SAGE 2020 – here.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart

The Kart Krew carries the torch from Sumo Digital with the release of Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart.

This kart racer is a classic styled kart racer that pays tribute to the genre, complete with themed courses (100 in all) and wacky items – an absolute must. There’s even online play for those looking to face off online – just the thing to vary up your Mario Kart nights.

You can get version 1.3 of the game here.

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