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5 Games We Want To See At E3 2013

Game We Want to see

With E3 2013 right around the corner it’s time to speculate on what games we might see. There a tons of choices and these are 5 we would like to see at the conference. Check it out!

Half-Life 3? Or Episode 3?

Episode 3

Alright Valve it is about time to give the fans something, a trailer or even a shot of the title. With the next-gen right around the corner and the Steam box being released valve has a great opportunity to build even more hype then they typically would with a reveal like this. With everyone so focused on the Xbox one and Ps4 I could see why Valve would take this year off and wait for things to calm down. Still if this made an appearance it would be a show sealer and everyone knows it.

The Last Guardian

Ps4 Last Guardian

How many years has it been now? I remember in 2009 when we saw the first trailer for this game and thought “Finally they are making their way to the Ps3”. Skip to 2013 and we haven’t heard much about it and at this point we all assume it will be on the Ps4. With this much time to develop I don’t think it is outside the realm of possibility of them putting this in the launch window as well. Regardless this will be a huge hit for Sony and they would be foolish to not show it.

The Walking Dead Season 2

Season 2

We all know season 2 is coming we just don’t know when. With Sony putting a huge emphasis indie titles and Microsoft investing in projects they think they can make money on, this could absolutely be a possibility at either conference. We want to know who the new lead is, is Clementine in it?, and how our previous decisions will make an impact on the game. With the disasters that was Survival Instincts, the path is open for another great Walking Dead game.

Shemue 3

Sega Shenmue 3

I know this one is a HUGE leap but I think we would all really like to see this. With Nintendo recently striking up a Sonic partnership with Sega I could see Nintendo taking a shot at Shenmue as well. Shenmue has a huge following and dare I say it could be a system seller. Ultimately I just want my showdown with Lan Di and get vengeance for my father! Oh and of course I want to learn kick ass martial arts moves as well.


EA Ufc

We saw a very brief moment of the game at the Xbox One reveal but now we want to know the details. This will be the first UFC game since EA purchased the rights and it is time to see if they can do it right, or in typical EA fashion ruin it. There are tons of UFC fans and a lot of people play these games as well. Make it right and don’t put 100 micro transactions into the game and it will be good to go. Oh and another great thing would be giving you the win if a player disconnects intentionally after getting beat down!

What about you? What do you want to see at E3 2013 game wise? Let us know in the comments!

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