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5 Generic Video Game Knockoffs

5 Generic Video Game Knockoffs (Unearthed) - Gamers Heroes
5 Generic Video Game Knockoffs (Unearthed) – Gamers Heroes
Many of the AAA out on the market today have garnered themselves millions of loyal fans and millions of dollars in revenue. But what if you can’t afford these $60 beauties, or perhaps are looking for something…different? These five video games are the generic store brands of the video game world. Just be warned — your mileage may vary.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 5

Lords of the Fallen – Dark Souls

From Software’s Dark Souls series of game has yet to make its appearance on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so what is a masochist supposed to do? Namco Bandai’s Lords of the Fallen had big plans to fill this gap with an action RPG where the odds are always against you. However, the combat in the game is somewhat lacking — a big no-no when compared to Dark Souls’ high pedigree.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 4

Quantum Theory – Gears of War

Big beefy McLargeHuge dudes? Check. Grimdark world full of brown and bloom? Yup. Gory third-person shooting of otherworldly baddies from conveniently placed cover? Check, check, and check.

Any way you slice it, Quantum Theory channels Epic Games’ Gears of War. Tecmo Koei’s shootathon might hit all the right notes, but the game has been unfavorably reviewed by the press — it currently has a pitiful 37 Metascore on Metacritic.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 3

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death – God of War

The God of War games let you hack and slash to your hearts content, leaving a trail of bloodshed in your wake. However, this Sony-exclusive game is “Only on PlayStation.” ™ So what’s a Microsoft or Steam-loving fanboy supposed to do?

Enter Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death. Created by ZootFly, Marlow’s Steam description proudly exclaims that you can destroy “HUNDREDS of enemies”, “deploy MIGHTY weapons of destruction”, and “fight the enemies of FREEDOM with stacks of awesome combos and magic abilities.” If you ever wanted to fight Mayans instead of Greek deities, now’s your chance.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 2

Dante’s Inferno – God of War

Another God of War ripoff, but this time from EA. However, EA knew exactly what it was doing and was absolutely shameless in its copy. However, despite EA’s $747 million marketing budget during its release in 2011, no amount of advertising got people to play their pale imitation.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 1

Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta – Uncharted

Naughty Dog has made a name for itself with its Uncharted series of games, but what happens when a no-name company called SemaPhore tries its hand at the game? You get Unearthed, one of the most generic knockoffs to date.

It’s bad enough that the game was made for iPhones and was then ported to Steam and consoles. Things get a lot worse when you see all the corners that were cut in its development. Rather than list out what’s wrong with the game, it might be best to let the video above do the talking.

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