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5 Reasons The Wii-U Is Failing

Why Is The Wii-u losing?
The Wii-U was expected to sell like the original Wii and that simply didn’t happen. There are various reasons for this and we decided to make a list on where Nintendo went wrong this time around. Check it out and let us know what you think!

No Game In The Box

Putting Wii Sports in the box with every Wii was a genius play by Nintendo which wasn’t adopted this generation. Yes there are options to buy the Wii-U with Nintendo Land or some other game but you can get the console with no game as well. Nintendo Land in every box could have given them the edge in this fight.

No Established E Store

While maybe not a huge issue for everyone, this does effect some peoples to decision to buy the machine. Both Sony and Microsoft have well established store and a great list of exclusives on each of their platforms. I remember the Wii-U shop when it opened and all it had was a few indie titles and the rest were games you could buy physically or have already played on another system. Even now the store is weak and they need to step it up and bring some exclusive content that isn’t virtual console.

Lack Of First Party Games

Where is Zelda!?

This is a big mystery to me still. Nintendo owns this ship and they are just letting it sink deep and deeper. One Mario game in the launch window is not enough, a Mario Kart or Golf should have been in there as well. As it stands right now we have no idea on the next Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox or Smash bros. The only thing we see in the distance is Pikmin and that just isn’t enough.

Lack Of Third Party Support

Let’s do some math real quick, barely any first party games and hardly any third-party support… Hmmm. Kudos to Ubisoft for backing them at the moment but this could potentially fall of as well as we saw with Rayman. Nintendo needs to get people wanting to develop for their system, EA blatantly came out and said we are not interested in developing for the system. At this rate we will have a repeat of the Wii with HUGE gaps in between games.Not Exclusive ;)

No 3DS Intergration

Teal 3ds
Sony got it right by developing games for both of their systems and letting you stream Ps4 games when that system launches. Yes I know you can transfer saves from Monster Hunter in between your 3DS and Wii-U and play on the go. One game is not enough and I haven’t heard any news lately about them planning to do it for any future games. Just think how many more games we could have on the Wii-U if they could be played on both of their systems. Get on it Nintendo, we want more games!What do you think about the Wii-U? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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