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5 Sequels We Should See Next-Gen

Sequeals We Want next Gen


It won’t be long now before we hopefully have more details on the next generation of consoles. Of the details we are most interested in are the games we are going to get to enjoy. This list has 5 sequels we would like to see next-gen!

For this list I decided to go with games that haven’t already seen a sequel, for the most part. Let us know what games you’d like to see make it to the next-gen!


Oddly enough, this game came out towards the end of this console cycle. It offered first-person stealth action like it’s never been done before. You are given an objective and you really get to choose how you can complete it, even if the choices are a bit limited. You can beat the whole game without killing a single person and watch as the cities plague disappears, or be a butcher and watch the city slowly fall to ruin. The game is all about choice, but unfortunately it ended far too quickly. Let’s see an even more open world in the sequel and more choices with greater outcomes or consequences for your choices. Oh, and of course bring back Blink, man the move is amazing.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs
I know this is technically a sequel to True Crime, but it changed names and owners so I am adding it. Another open-world Grand Theft Auto style game, but this time we head to China. Unlike GTA and Saints Row though, this game puts a major emphasis on hand-to-hand combat with a great counter system and awesome environmental take downs. You have the choice of staying on the straight and narrow as a cop, or causing some destruction as a triad gangbanger. As with most games like this you had tons of extra stuff to do including side quests, races, and drug busts. Biggest problem with the game is the lack of multiplayer; add that and bring on the sequel!

L.A. Noire

L.A. Noire
It seems like people either loved or hated this game. I, for one, loved it. This shouldn’t be a direct sequel and should take place in a different location or time period. Gangster-era New York or Chicago, hunting Capone or Dillinger, or heck even a different country maybe going after Jack the Ripper. Being as you had a partner with you 90% of the time in the last game it would make sense to make the game co-op. Lastly, they should add some more side things to do for when you want to take a break from a case, maybe some darts or pool, why not add a few side missions as well. With the facial animations only getting better next-gen seems like a no-brainer to put another one of these out.

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma brought a Dark Souls like combat style to a Skyrim like open world game and it worked well. As with most RPGs you get a party, but in Dragon’s Dogma you get to pick your party from pawns created online by other users. People could also take the pawn you create with them on their adventures and when they returned you could get a reward for helping them out. They also added a unique boss fight that was done as a community; the more damage you do, the better your reward was. There are points in the game where it does get hard, which is good, but doing all the side quests should ready you for whatever you had to fight. Pawns are great in all but they are still AI and still can be dumb as rocks. Let us party with our friends in the next game so we can really do some damage! Oh and why not add mounts to make traveling to new places a bit easier for us.


Just do it!
But we already had a sequel called Nuts and Bolts! No, any true Banjo and Kazooie fan knows that game did not count as a legitimate sequel. I want the platforming, the Jinjo hunting, and I want Mumbo Jumbo turning me into various animals and appliances. Have an evil genie come out of a bottle and bring Gruntilda back from the grave and let her unleash her chaos once more onto the Banjo’s world. Make a bunch of different themed levels with various quirky characters, while bringing back the classics like Bottles and Klungo. That doesn’t seem unreasonable to me so just give us what we want already!

Any games you’d like to see have a sequel next gen? Leave a comment below and tell us what you’d like to see!

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