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5 Ways Grand Theft Auto IV is Better Than GTA V

5 Ways Grand Theft Auto IV is Better Than GTA V

It goes without saying that we at Gamers Heroes love Grand Theft Auto V — not only did we give it a 10 out of 10 in our review, we have also tirelessly guided the entirety of GTA V in less than a week. Despite all of this, however, we feel like Grand Theft Auto IV did some things better than Grand Theft Auto V. Here are five things that would make Grand Theft Auto V an 11 out of 10 in our books.

Better Radio Stations

Grand Theft Auto V might have a whopping 86-song soundtrack, but artists like Muse and Suicidal Tendencies just don’t have the same impact as Kanye West or Queen. One particularly disgruntled listener in Grand Theft Auto V that complained about FlyLo FM’s music subtly hints that the game’s soundtrack could be better.

It should also be noted that for an area based around Los Angeles, the birthplace of punk music, there is no punk station to speak of — something Grand Theft Auto IV had in the form of LCHC (hosted by Jimmy Gestapo of Murphy’s Law fame).

PC Version/Modding Abilities

In this day and age of quad-core processors and cutting edge gameplay, it is somewhat disappointing to see Grand Theft Auto V get a console-only release. While there is talk of a PC version on the horizon, the framerate dips and 720p graphics of both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions makes it feel like the game is not reaching its full potential.

Modders were able to do some incredible things with the PC release of Grand Theft Auto IV. Excellent graphics with the iCEnhancer mod is just the tip of the iceberg — other improvements in the form of new vehicles, weapons, and even characters. This variety and fidelity has given Grand Theft Auto IV legs five years after its initial release — imagine what the modding community could do with Grand Theft Auto V.


Even though there were only a handful of comedy clubs across Liberty City, the inclusion of Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams gave a touch of personality to Grand Theft Auto IV. Doing heists and jacking cars 24/7 can cause some disconnect between you and the character, but actually driving to see some honest-to-god stand up from a AAA comedian makes the game that much more atmospheric.

Better Supporting Characters

Say what you will about Roman Bellic, but he knew how to make an impression in Grand Theft Auto IV. Not only was “Mr. Bowling” a memorable character in the game, there was also Packie McReary, Little Jacob, Gay Tony, and countless others that made up Grand Theft Auto IV’s diverse world.

That’s not to say that Grand Theft Auto V’s characters are as dull as dishwater, but wannabe gangsters like Jimmy just don’t give off the same impression as the juicing Brucie.

GTA IV’s Multiplayer is Free of DLC

Online multiplayer in Grand Theft Auto IV simple to set up — you log in, you choose your mode, and you’re good to go.

Not only is GTA Online in Grand Theft Auto V not live, an XML file on Rockstar Games’ site hints at “cash cards” for the game that trade real-world currency for in-game dosh. While still speculation, this would mean that gamers who sink in the most money will come out on top.

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