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The Best GTA V RP Server

The Best GTA V Roleplay Server
Don’t mess with Mamie and her crew
Grand Theft Auto V’s RP scene is in full swing and with more servers everyday, you may be struggling to find one that fits you. Well, we’ve found the best GTA V RP server currently available and it comes packed with incredible script features and good quality roleplay. Eclipse RP is a relatively new server, originally launching in February of this year, but the team have been hard at work over the last 8 months with many new and exciting server features released on a regular basis.

The Best GTA V Roleplay Server

One of the main elements that distinguishes Eclipse RP from other servers, outside of the script itself, is the voice communications. Although a regular feature in GTA Online, most of the popular GTA RP servers opt to use text only. Eclipse RP gives players full control and even supports in-character mouth movements to add to the realism. It may be somewhat daunting at first but give it a try. You’ll be surprised how much more you can get from RP when you can hear the tone of someones voice.

The support staff and admin team are also unique in the GTA V RP space with a welcoming approach to new players while still supporting high standards of RP. While severe breaches of rules are punished heavily, simple mistakes made by people still learning the basics of RP are a little more lenient. Whether you’re a veteran to roleplaying in the GTA universe or someone looking to give it a shot for the first time, Eclipse RP is a great place to start.

One Of The Best GTA V RP Servers
Even if she makes it, it doesn’t look good for this one

But enough with all that, let’s get to the exciting stuff. While RP quality is a huge aspect when choosing the best GTA V RP server, even the greatest roleplay gets boring without the right script. Thankfully the team over at Eclipse RP have created a ton of exciting activities and features to keep players engaged and immersed.

There are a huge variety of jobs to choose from. You can become a trucker and transport fuel and other valuable resources around Los Santos. You can apply to become a Courier and live out your UPS dreams, or if you’d like to set your sights a little higher pick up fishing, mining, farming – there’s more choice than you’ll ever need.

Know your way around cars? Want to replay that epic taxi scene from Die Hard 2? Or perhaps you want to cure the world? Eclipse RP features many legal factions that you can apply to join. Become a mechanic, lead the charge as a taxi driver, save lives as a medic or put away the bad guys for good as a member of the Police Department. The possibilities are nearly endless, what do you want to become?

What Is The Best GTA V Roleplay Server
Is he going to jump?

Criminal Lifestyle
Rob stores scattered around Los Santos. Take over turfs and be the owner of a warehouse that you can use to smuggle guns and drugs into the city. Just be careful the cops don’t catch you in transit. Amass your criminal empire, run the drug scene, dominate the arms race, rise to kingpin of the city and lavish in the vast rewards – such as buying your own house or high performance vehicle.

Those are just some of the more exciting elements of Eclipse RP but don’t take our word for it. See for yourself!

So if you’re looking to get into an exciting community and a good GTA V RP server be sure to head on over to Eclipse RP today!

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