Why You Can’t Skip Cutscenes In Destiny (Satire)

Why You Can't Skip Cutscenes In Destiny(Satire)

Destiny is one of the largest games of 2014 that seems to be missing a basic feature: the ability to skip cutscenes. This is one of the chief reasons I haven’t made a second character yet. We decided to do a little bit of investigating to figure out why you can’t skip cutscenes in Destiny.

As stated in the title this is a satire article and I really have no idea why they didn’t include this in the game.

We managed to get in contact with David Dague, the community manager of Bungie, and he helped us figure out what we need to know. We asked why the game didn’t ship with the ability to skip cutscenes.

“If you miss the story for even a second you just won’t be able to comprehend it,” said David “And honestly the story is so deep and amazing it is well worth seeing two or three times. I mean why spend $10 on a movie you might not like when you can just play through Destiny again and relive its glory?”

We followed up by asking if this was a cheap mechanic designed to increase the games length?

“The story is the best part of the game! Why would you want to skip it?” Dave said with a chuckle. “The Vex, Fallen, Hive and Cabal are the greatest threat to humanity. We make sure you understand this by forcing you to see cutscenes about them multiple times. Sure the main story would only around 5-6 hours to complete without the needless cutscenes but the missions just wouldn’t make sense without them. How else would you know you are going to go find some artifact or console and protect it from an enemy horde?”

Then we asked if maybe it would be added in a patch or expansion.

“The story DLC will actually only contain about an hour of game play with 4-5 hours of cutscenes so no, you will not be able to skip cutscenes anytime soon. Trust me when I say this though, you won’t want the miss a second of the deep story moments coming in the upcoming DLC. Minor spoiler you have not seen the last of the Fallen.” said Dave.

Destiny isn’t the first game this year we didn’t have the ability to skip cutscenes in. Watch Dogs, another triple-A title, also didn’t let you skip cutscenes. From where we are standing both of these games used it to increase game play length. Let’s hope this doesn’t become the new norm and we can go back to skipping cutscenes when we want. Anyone who has been doing the Dailies and Weeklies will know this pain.

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  1. This motherfuckers thinks he’s funny? I don’t want to see this piece of shit story. Worst story ever made. You really think it’s a great story, fucker? And, how would I know what to do if skipping cutscene? Just fucking click for details and Ghost would tell. Fucking 5/10 game with shit 1/10 bungie.

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