Cosplay Wednesday – Crash Bandicoot’s Coco Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Coco Cosplay - Gamers Heroes
The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was a smashing success, selling like hotcakes worldwide and reigniting gamers’ love for the series. In honor of this platforming throwback, Gamers Heroes takes a look at a spot-on cosplay of Coco Bandicoot.

Hailing from Germany, Nica is a costume artist that’s been in the game since 2013. Though she is first and foremost an aspiring nurse, she loves to wear costumes, put on exaggerated make-up, and do photo shoots with friends. After growing up with the Crash Bandicoot series of games, she directed her passion toward this spot-on cosplay of Coco. Credit goes to Zwillingsnadel Cosplay for the Aku Aku mask and WidowFX Photography and BowtiePix for the photos.

Crash Bandicoot Coco Bandicoot Cosplay

You can find Nica on DeviantArt here and on Facebook here.

Do you enjoy a bit of gaming cosplay? Or maybe you’re passionate enough to do it full time. Drop me a line at casey@gamersheroes.com and we’ll feature some of your cosplay.

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