Cosplay Wednesday – Destiny’s Hunter

Destiny Hunter Cosplay - Gamers Heroes
Destiny Hunter Cosplay – Gamers Heroes

Bungie’s Destiny is home to a diverse collection of both flora and fauna. It was only a matter of time before somebody took to creating a cosplay from this unique MMO. However, one Bungie employee got the jump on everyone with this spot-on Hunter cosplay…months before the game was even released.

Sloan Hood is a fan of two things: cosplay and Destiny. He chose to cosplay as Destiny’s Hunter for Halloween 2013 due to the character’s outfit being a mixture of armor and fabric. In addition, Sloan Hood chose the Hunter for this simple reason:

“I also chose the Hunter because that’s the class I like to play. Quick, sneaky, lethal.”

In addition, Sloan Hood also created the Thorn from the ground up. Starting with a 3D model of the gun, he started cutting and capping hi-poly models with up to a million triangles so a printer could begin the process. Needless to say, this is one authentic cosplay.

Do you enjoy a bit of gaming cosplay? Or maybe you’re passionate enough to do it full time. Drop me a line at casey@gamersheroes.com and we’ll feature some of your cosplay.

Casey Scheld

Drawn to the underground side of gaming, Casey helps the lesser known heroes of video games. If you’ve never heard of it, he’s mastered it.
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