Cosplay Wednesday – Devil May Cry’s Dante

Cosplay Wednesday - Devil May Cry's Dante

Devil May Cry main man Dante got a radical makeover in recent years, swapping out his trademark trenchcoat and white hair for some foul language and a Union Jack. However, this cosplay crossplay of the Son of Sparda captures the best of both worlds – and is SSStylish to boot.

German cosplay fanatic Abessinier takes a stab at Devil May Cry hero Dante with these two renditions from both the Devil May Cry and DmC universes. While the two styles may vary greatly, she manages to capture the essence of each one perfectly. Not only are her costumes spot-on, she also has the six-pack to boot.

You can find her DeviantArt page here.

Casey Scheld

Drawn to the underground side of gaming, Casey helps the lesser known heroes of video games. If you’ve never heard of it, he’s mastered it.
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