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God Of War Ps4 Release Date Leaked – Rumor Report

Whenever anyone asks someone from Sony when the new God Of War is coming out, they are prompted with “Soon.” With most of Q1 2018 games starting to be announced, God Of War Ps4 has remained silent about a date still. Today a rumor leaked that may give us a better idea of the God Of War Ps4 Release Date.

God Of War Ps4 Release Date Leaked – Rumor Report

Earlier today there was a thread on ResetEra that had some images from a Portuguese retailer listing God Of War Ps4 with a release date. The release date is March 22nd which would make sense. It fits into the first quarter of 2018 and still hits the fiscal year for Sony. Here is the image from the thread so you can see the release date for yourself, RocknRola, the thread creator, took them and posted them.

God Of War Ps4 Release Date

Ni No Kuni 2

If you look at the other games, they mostly line up with what their actual release dates are. However if look at Far Cry there is one glaring issue. Far Cry was pushed back to March in December, and the release date listed on the site is still for February. Everything else on the site is correct, and a month after Ubisoft pushed it back, the retailer should have changed the release date by now. It’s just a minor red flag, and it could have slipped through the cracks, but it is worth mentioning.

My personal take is that God of War Ps4 should launch in March even if that date is exact. If you look at the Sony release schedule for the first few months of 2018, they have some VR games, a few third-party exclusive games and Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow of the Colossus is undoubtedly a good game, but I don’t see it selling a ton. If Sony wants the have a strong first quarter of the year they will need God of War out in March.

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