Cosplay Wednesday: Hitman: Absolution’s Saint

Cosplay Wednesday: Hitman: Absolution's Saint

Agent 47’s recent outing in Hitman: Absolution pitted him against such dangers as intelligent soldiers, larger-than-life body guards, and other dangers. Perhaps his biggest adversaries in the game, however, were the “gun-toting, PVC and latex-clad nuns”  that impeded his process. They might not be real, but that does not mean there isn’t some convincing cosplay out there of them.

Cosplaying as one of Hitman: Absolution’s Saints, Alyssa Valdez poses for photographer Ron “Spidey” Gehon in this one-of-a-kind shoot. Not only does this nun look the part, she also has the weaponry to back it up. Nelson Martinez also makes a convincing Agent 47, right down to the shaved head.

Those who wish to see more of Mr. Gehon’s work can find the gallery for this particular shoot here!

Hitman: Absolution Saint Cosplay

Casey Scheld

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