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Let Me Tell You About Metro: Exodus

During our trip to E3 2018, we were invited to check out Metro: Exodus and play a bit of the game. Pull up a chair and let me tell you about Deep Silver’s new title.

Metro: Exodus Preview

The area we got to explore was very early in the game. Before we played, they mentioned the game was still in beta and some things were still not entirely added. You play as Artyom, the hero of the previous titles Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light. You and a few other rangers are on a train known as the Aurora, which is heading east. In the demo we played, the train has mechanical problems and you need to find a mechanic to help out with repairs, assuming there is one around. On top of the mechanical issues of the train, there is a bridge that needs to be lowered for you to proceed. After the situation is explained, you head to an outpost not far from the train looking for help.

For those who haven’t played the previous Metro games, it is a first-person shooter with survival and crafting elements mixed in. The Metro series takes place after a nuclear war, and most of the world is still caught in a nuclear winter. You can survive on the surface, but certain spots require a breathing mask for survival. To top it all off, there are bandits, raiders, and mutants to deal with. Finding trustworthy people is a rarity outside of the train. Still, it is a desperate time, and you will have to get all the help you can find.

Metro Exodus Preview

I had roughly 20 minutes with the demo, so I couldn’t explore the entire area in that amount of time. For those of you who disliked the more linear path of the old Metro games, worry not, as this one is a much more open world. I was told that this area alone would take around six to seven hours if you focused solely on the story, and between 10-12 if you did all the side content. This area was one of the multiple places you would be stopping at in the game. Assuming the other regions of the game are as large, or larger, than the one we played, there will be plenty to explore and find. Players will want to explore these places thoroughly, as ammo, medkits, and weapons are hidden in all sorts of odd places.

As for the gameplay itself, there were a couple of rough animations, but the gunplay and movement felt good. In Exodus, you can craft right from your backpack, which is a welcome addition to the series. You can’t make bullets unless you are at actual workbench still, but modding weapons, crafting meds, and specific throwable items can be done right from your inventory. Since you can craft from your bag, you can also take mods off guns without picking them up. The demo had you spending quite a bit of time on a boat, and it was slower than I would have liked so hopefully, it is just this area.

When the demo of Metro: Exodus was done, I was left wanting more. Be sure to check back on February 22 for our full review.

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