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Let Me Tell You About the Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC

Lost On Mars is the newest DLC for Far Cry 5. Unlike the last DLC, this one is pretty out there. Sit back, relax, and let me tell you about this DLC.

Let Me Tell You About the Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC

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The story for this DLC is straightforward. There is a potential alien invasion coming to earth, and you have to stop it. This isn’t an exaggeration – when you warp to Mars, the game tells you that sometimes you need to save the world without a huge backstory. If we’re being honest here, you shouldn’t really be playing Far Cry for its great story to begin with. When you arrive on Mars, you find your buddy Hurk in a precarious situation. It turns out he has lost his body, and he needs help finding his pieces. He isn’t the only one who needs help though. An AI on Mars needs help restoring its power to prevent the invasion of earth. It’s a simple story for a simple DLC.

Just because the story is simple doesn’t mean the game can’t be fun though. That’s precisely what Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars is: mindless fun. Its a Ubisoft by the numbers game with some Far Cry: Blood Dragon mixed in. The aliens on Mars are straight up a mix of Tremors and Starship Troopers. When you step on the light sand, they pop out of the ground and attack. If you stay on the hard rock, you can avoid them for the most part. There’s not a huge variety, but they are still fun to kill, and you can do it in co-op. The guns are all new and space themed, and one of them even turns enemies into cows and chickens.

Let Me Tell You About The Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC

Outside of killing aliens, you have the normal Ubisoft collect-a-thon. For Lost on Mars, you have Queens to kill, body parts to collect, geothermal anomalies to find, and the famous Clutch Nixon makes a return. There are no vehicles in Lost on Mars, but you get the wingsuit, and there is less gravity on Mars so that you can jump higher. There is also a jetpack to help you climb towers quicker. Yup, that’s right, towers make a return in true Ubisoft fashion. They happen to be one of the primary objectives of this game, so if you want to beat the DLC, you have to conquer them all. Taking towers and retaking old research stations will get you to the end game, which is very easy to predict.

Now I did have some beef with the DLC. They introduced flying enemies for whatever reason, and they are annoying. Here’s a tip: if you are making a shooting game and are putting flying enemies in, stop. Delete them and forget the idea ever entered in your head because no player, in the history of forever, ever said: “Oh man, I like those flying enemies.” All they do is spit crap at you while you are looking at the map or spit and run; they are seriously the most annoying part of the game. That and there is a section where you can’t use your jetpack – it was easily the worst part of the DLC.

Is Lost on Mars worth it? The Hours Of Darkness DLC was more about stealth and had a serious tone to it. History buffs will enjoy that one more. People who want to have a good time with a bud or solo will enjoy Lost on Mars more. The combination is worth the season pass to me, the more Clutch Nixon, the better – he’s a real American hero. Now we just wait for the Dead Living Zombies DLC and see how that does. You can expect another Let Me Tell You About when that hits.

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