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Let’s Play With Noobs – League of Legends

Let’s Play With Noobs is our Gamers Heroes version of Let’s Plays. We will take different games around the net or in the console market and show off the best of the best, with our worst. These videos are supposed to be a quick look into these games with little to no knowledge of what is ahead for us. That way we can honestly give our unbiased feelings about the title.

This week we are playing League of Legends. Although it is not a new game out by any means, I have not played it in the past. There is a huge barrier of entry for a lot of people new to the MOBA genre. So kick back, relax and enjoy Ryan making a fool of himself in this weeks Let’s Play With Noobs.

If this feature was enjoyable, and you would like to see more in the future, let us know! Hit us up in the comments section below or check out our forums. Also, if you have any suggestions on games that you would like to see, make sure to also let us know. We are looking for input from the community first and foremost to bring you guys the content you would like to see. Thanks for watching.

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