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Pyre is a game we should all be looking forward to

Pyre - Gamers Heroes

Ever since Supergiant Games teased us with a teaser to their latest project, I have been keeping my eyes and ears open. Bastion and Transistor caused a stir of commotion for a game by a small indie company. It seems like Supergiant Games is attempting to replicate the same effect this time around with Pyre. Why is this game so important? It’s simple, really. Pyre is a game that continues the same trend as its predecessors: it’s a high fantasy action RPG with enough pizzazz to presumably deliver another fantastical experience from Supergiant Games. That being said, the indie developer is self-publishing Pyre, as they did with Transistor a couple of years ago.

The developer describes Pyre as follows: “Pyre is a party-based RPG in which you lead a band of exiles to freedom through an ancient competition across a vast mystical purgatory.” From Supergiant Games’ brief description, Pyre is a high fantasy adventure with a subtle narrative that has plenty of promise. To make matters even more interesting, the world within Pyre can only be explored during the day. The player must recharge his batteries and plan accordingly during the night. Moreover, if Pyre’s unique art direction and gorgeous aesthetics weren’t enough to impress, the game has something interesting to offer with its battle system.


The player takes control of three characters on the field who are facing off against another set of three. Two fiery columns called “pyres” lie on each side of the field. Your objective is then to launch an orb into the enemy’s pyre in order to put it out. You can only take control of one of your party members at the time you are launching an attack. You have the opportunity to pick up the orb yourself. However, if you do, you’re more vulnerable to damage from your opponent. Sounds simple enough, huh? Well, it isn’t. It’s a bit more intricate than it seems. Instead of writing out a monotonous explanation, how about I let Pyre and Supergiant Games do the talking instead?

Pyre’s gorgeous vistas and intricate gameplay are sure to impress the uninitiated  who have yet to get lost in one of Supergiant Games’ intoxicating universes. Pyre looks to be another example for the all-important argument I raised in my Detention review. Games like Pyre are precisely what the industry is yearning for at the moment. Whether you are an individual who missed out on Bastion or Transistor (or both), or you’re looking for a fresh new experience, Pyre might just be title you, and I, have been waiting for.


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