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The 5 Best PlayStation 3 Games on the PlayStation Store

The PlayStation 3 store is closing on July 2; long may it reign.

As Sony begins to sunset its seventh generation console, there is no better time to load up on classics for your never ending backlog. From AAA juggernauts to indie wonders, here are the 5 best PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation Store.

The 5 Best PlayStation 3 Games on the PlayStation Store

ModNation Racers

Nintendo might rule the karting roost with their time-honored Mario Kart series, but United Front Games and Sony Computer Entertainment make a compelling case to trade out your wheels with ModNation Racers.

The drifting, power-ups, and boosting mechanics hit all the right notes for the genre, but the game truly shines with its user generated content. The online ModSpot lobby area is a one-stop shop that allows players to meet up, race, and create and download content. A near limitless amount of courses and content are at your disposal, and those looking to get in on the online action best grab this title sooner rather than later.

Gran Turismo 6

Gearheads may have been somewhat disappointed with Gran Turismo Sport, but Polyphony Digital and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Gran Turismo 6 is still one of the best driving simulators on the market after all these years.

More than 120 cars, 40 Locations, and 107 layouts have been included, along with a Career Mode and B-Spec mode with AI. To maintain its air of authenticity, this title is the first game ever to feature officially FIA-certified content.

Although the online mode of this title was shut down in 2018, six tracks and dozens of cars remain DLC for the game. For those looking for the ultimate driving sim, players should make sure to grab this content before July rolls around.

Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds

Mark Twain may have said that golf is a good walk spoiled, but he must have never played Clap Hanz and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds.

The three-click shot system the series is known for makes its return, making for an arcade-like golf experience that encourages players to improve their skills each go-around. When paired with its unlockables, tournament play, and online modes, this is one title that has some serious legs.

Those looking for the ultimate experience should pay a visit to the PlayStation Store; Alex and Gloria are joined by Kratos and Sackboy as playable DLC characters, and the Oceania Resort Course can only be purchased online.

Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown

Tekken may have stolen Virtua Fighter’s lunch and thrown it into a locker, but SEGA’s Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown still deserves some love from fighting game fans.

In what is arguably the best entry to date, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown stresses the importance of frames and boils everything down to a punch, kick, and block button. This one-on-one fighter packs some incredible depth, and is the perfect way to prepare for the Virtua Fighter X eSports project on the horizon.

Yakuza fans may be able to play this one in the bustling arcades of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Judgment, and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, but the standalone experience can only be yours through the PlayStation Store (and Xbox Live, but that’s for another story).

Tokyo Jungle

We promise you that you’ve never played anything like Crispy’s! and Sony Computer Entertainment’s Tokyo Jungle.

Tokyo has been transformed into a vicious wildlife wasteland in this title, one where lions, tigers, chickens, and other animals fight for survival. Players will build a pack from 80 different animals across 50 breeds, with players setting out to discover the truth behind humankind’s disappearance. A Survival Mode with online leaderboards has also been included, allowing players to partake in a true survival of the fittest.

Although the title was released on the Best of PlayStation Network Vol. 1 disc in 2013, even the cheapest listing on eBay is asking for more than $100 as of this writing. For those not looking to break the bank, be sure to grab this title from the PlayStation Network.

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